Characters - Alphabetical
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ChrisAdamsThe campaign director of a group called Allies For Animals.
AcneBoyMacritchie Brothers' ally.
IreneDavisThe girl from the lighthouse.
GeorgeGunnA detective at Stornoway.
WilliamJardineJames Matheson's partner.
GigsMacAulayA guga hunter. Fin's former boss.
Mr.MacaulayFin's school headmaster.
DuncanMacbeanPadraig's older brother.
OldMacbeanPadraig's father. The man who took Fin out of the rock.
PadraigMacbeanOld Macbean's son.
CalumMacDonaldFin's former friend.
CatrionaMacFarlaneDonald's wife.
ArtairMacInnesFin's best friend. Aka: Wheezy.
FionnlaghMacInnesFin's biological son.
Mr.MacInnesArtair's father.
Mrs.MackayFin's teacher.
KennethMackenzieThe Scottish Prophet.
FinlayMacleodThe Detective inspector. Protagonist.
HelenMacleodFin's mother.
John AngusMacleodFin's father.
MonaMacleodFin's wife.
RobbieMacleodFin and Mona's son. Deceased.
AngusMacritchieFin's acquaintance. A murder victim.
MurdoMacritchieFin's classmate who's a bully. Angus's brother. Aka: Murdo Ruadh.
Iseabal MarrThe man who lives at the white house up by the harbor.
JamesMathesonOwner of Lews Castle.
JamesMintoA rabbit hunter.
MarsailiMorrisonFin's classmate. Aka: Marjorie.
CoinneachMurrayDonald's father. Aka: Kenneth.
DonaldMurrayThe Minister's son. Fin's schoolmate.
DonnaMurrayDonald's daughter.
WilliamShedFin's history teacher.
JohnSievewrightAn Edinburgh lawyer. The Leith Walk Murder victim.
TomSmithThe Stornoway's detective chief inspector.
EachanStewartThe witness.
AngusWilsonThe forensic pathologist.
JohnWooldridgeOwner of Suainaval Lodges.
Anita Fin's mistress.
Anna The girl Calum danced with. The maid at Lews Castle.
Black The detective inspector. Fin's boss.
Ceit Uilleam's boyfriend.
Donnie Fin's former workmate.
Fraser The detective who handled the Leith Walk case.
Iain Fin's former friend.
Kenny John's caretaker. Aka: Big Kenny.
Malcolm Fin's former workmate.
Pluto Fin's former workmate.
Seonaidh Fin's former friend.
Seoras Alsatian dog of Artairs's neighbor.
Seumas Gigs's colleague.
Sine The girl Fin danced with.
Uilleam Ceit's girlfriend. The girl who finds the dead man.