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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Tuesday, October 5
 Dr. SamanthaNguyenIn-charged at the Mecklenburg County Medical Examiner.
 LloydThornA lawyer.
 Inara A hurricane.
 EuniceFlowersAn MCME receptionist.
 TemperanceBrennanA forensic anthropologist. aka: Tempe.
 Polly SusanneBeecroftTemperance's new acquaintance.
 Harriet Polly's twin sister.
 GeorgeVanderbiltAn art collector and a member of the prominent Vanderbilt family.
2  Tuesday, October 5
 AndrewRyanA detective.
 Birdie A cat.
 JohnMedfordTemperance's acquaintance.
 Hugo A hurricane.
 TerezaDeaconA sociopath.
 KarinSlaughterAmerican crime writer.
 Sybil Polly's great-aunt.
 SusanneBouvierPolly's grandmother.
3  Wednesday, October 6
 AnneTurnipTemperance's best friend.
 TomTurnipAnne's husband. aka: Tom-Ted or TT.
 EbonyHerrinA newly elected Charleston County coroner.
 TimLarabeeA pathologist.
 MargotHeavnerDr. Larabee's successor. aka: Dr. Morgue.
 NickBodyA blogger and conspiracy theorist.
 Walter CarlKloppA pathologist.
 ToniaVisloskyA detective.
4  Wednesday, October 6 - Thursday, October 7
 Stuart One of Anne's children.
 Lola One of Anne's children.
 Josh One of Anne's children.
 KatyPetersonTemperance's daughter.
 Kevin Temperance's brother.
 TedBundyAn American serial killer.
 Brian Temperance's new acquaintance.
7  Thursday, October 7 - Friday, October 8
 Reuben M.GreenbergAn American police chief.
 JohnConroyA British army officer.
8  Friday, October 8
 Jean-PierreTremblayTemperance's acquaintance.
 Sonja Tremblay's common-law wife.
 Franz JosephGallA German doctor.
 JamesDe VilleA British lamp maker, sculptor, and plaster-caster, a phrenologist.
 WilliamBurkeAn Irish navyman.
 WilliamHareBurke's buddy.
 NapoleonBonafarteA French military and political leader.
 MaryStuartQueen of Scots.
 JohnKeatsAn English poet.
 OliverCromwellAn English military and political leader.
 WilliamBlakeAn English poet, painter, and printmaker.
 Ludwig vanBeethovenA German composer and pianist.
 JohnDillingerAn American bank robber.
 JamesDeanAn American actor.
 RobertNoelA British Officer of arms.
 NickBoothA British professional boxer.
 PierreLaMancheThe director of the LSJML's medico-legal section.
9  Saturday, October 9 - Sunday, October 10
 Archie One who looked after Birdie.
 Rhonda Walter's niece.
 Pierre EliotTrudeauThe15th Prime Minister of Canada.
 Andrei An Uber driver.
 Sylvain A doorman.
10  Monday, October 11
 EmilySantangeloOne of the pathologists.
 NatalieAyersOne of the pathologists.
 M.MorinOne of the pathologists.
  PelletierOne of the pathologists.
 L.ClaudelAn investigating officer.
 HeleneLauzonA lawyer.
 AlfonseVachonLauzon's father.
 Merle A dog.
11  Wednesday, October 13
 Gaston One of the coroners.
 Lisa Temperance's acquaintance.
12  Wednesday, October 13 - Thursday, October 14
 ArielCaldreaA parishioner.
 ClaireWilloughbyA DNA technician.
 LizzieGriesserA molecular biologist.
 Beyonce An American singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress.
13  Friday, October 15 - Monday, October 25
 Carl GottlobIrmcherA father who drowned his two-year old son in a stream.
 Christian G.MeyerMurdered his children by throwing them down a mine shaft.
 JohanneRehnA mother who threw her daughter into a cesspit headfirst.
 YvesTroutA detective.
14  Monday, October 25 - Wednesday, October 27
 AgnesSchultzRupert's wife.
 Rupert Ryan's friend.
 Jessica GrayJebenA white female who was murdered.
 LauraBianchiA free lance journalist.
15  Friday, October 29
 ThomasSlingerJeben's boyfriend. aka: Slick Slinger.
 MarieCloutierA woman suspected with a mental case was a victim of murder.
 Jose A rottweiler.
 ArnieKimThe new owner of the park.
 JimmieGardnerFormer owner of the park.
 Zeke Agnes' son. aka: Zeke.
16  Friday, October 29 - Saturday, October 30
 LucClaudelOne of the cops.
 MichelCharbonneauOne of the cops.
 S.BeauvaisA nurse.
 Farid A driver.
 Pete Temperance's ex-husband.
17  Saturday, October 30
 Veronique A receptionist.
 StephenKingAn American writer.
 ElizabethSmartAn American activist.
18  Saturday, October 30 - Friday, November 5
 MaryGertrudeAgnes Schultz's mother.
 EzekielHoagAgnes' ex-husband.
 RogerCarnegieZeke's cellmate.
19  Tuesday, November 9
 Aubrey SullivanHugerA Biochemist and software engineer.
 BandoSlugA genealogist.
20  Wednesday, November 10
 JordanSullivanAubrey Sullivan Huger's father.
 Cheryl LeighHinkesAubrey Sullivan Huger's mother.
 Farley Cheryl Leigh's brother.
 Shelby Aubrey's older brother.
 Zara Aubrey's grandmother's sister.
 EdenFranceZara's husband.
 DigbyFranceZara and Eden's son. aka: Digger.
21  Wednesday, November 10
 JoySparrowA band member.
 AmeliaEarhartAn American aviation pioneer and writer.
22  Thursday, November 11
 Axel A dog.
 Harmony WrenBoatwrightDigger's granddaughter.
 Boonie BirdBoatwrightDigger's daughter.
23  Thursday, November 11
 GertrudePickleThe House mother in Amity House. aka: Mama Gertie.
24  Friday, November 12
 TobyKeithAn American country music singer and actor.
 Denton A photographer.
 Ralph WaldoEmersonAn American philosopher, essayist, and poet.
25  Friday, November 12
 LenaChalametHarmony's acquaintance.
 MelanieChalametLena's mother.
 Ella Lena's sister.
26  Sunday, November 13
 ChrisShinnAn American singer.
27  Monday, November 15
 MariettaPlourdeA receptionist.
 DoraEisenbergHR administrative assistant.
 ArloMurrayA molecular biologist.
28  Monday, November 15
 MelanieChalmersReal name of Melanie Chalamet.
 FlorenceSorgMelanie's great-aunt.
29  Monday, November 15
 SabineEsnaultLena's baby sitter.
30  Tuesday, November 16
 HaoJianghongMurray's PhD adviser.
 AlikaBangobosheTemperance's new acquaintance.
31  Tuesday, November 16 - Wednesday, November 17
 Dr.BernardA doctor who will conduct the MRI.
 VernerChalmersMelanie's father.
 Patrice Melanie's mother.
 PeterCottontailRyan's acquaintance.
32  Wednesday, November 17
 SondraTongOne who manage the hotel.
34  Friday, November 19
 AbileneMongerA receptionist.
 BalsePicheClaudel's acquaintance. aka: Ballsey.
35  Friday, November 19
 EmmanuelleCharpentierA French microbiologist and biochemist.
 JenniferDoudnaAn American biochemist.
 Dr.JiankuiA doctor from China.
36  Friday, November 19
 DonLemonAn American television journalist.
37  Sunday, November 20
 Mitsuo A Canadian actor, singer.
 Shyla A waitress.
 BrigitteBardotA French actress.
 StevenSpielbergAn American filmmaker.
 Brooke A clinic receptionist.
38  Saturday, November 20
 JeffRussoLena's father.
40  Thursday, November 25
 Harry Temperance's sister.
 PeterSafarAn Austrian doctor.
 AsmundLaerdalA Norwegian toymaker.
Epi  January 22
 RemiArbourA cemetery manager.
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