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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1AgnesMoreauThe protagonist.
 FabienneMartinAgnes' closest friend.
 Joline Fabienne's older sister.
 Earl Agnes' husband.
 Lois Agnes' sister-in-law.
 M.DevauxThe village postmaster.
 MadameDevauxM. Devaux's wife.
 Francois Joline's little dead baby. aka: Oscar.
 Bobby Joline's American sweetheart.
 Fleur A goat.
 Bianca One of Fabienne's cows.
 Millie One of Fabienne's cows.
 Jean Agnes' brother.
 Pascal One of Agnes' geese.
 JosephStalinFormer Premiere of the Soviet Union.
 M.PerretM. Devaux's friend.
 Marcella One of Agnes' sisters.
 Rosemary One of Agnes' sisters.
 Gisele Agnes' eldest sister.
 M.ChastainA publisher in Paris.
 Gaston Fabienne's father.
 MlleBoveratM. Chastain's assistant.
 M.BazinA photographer.
 Genevieve One of Agnes' classmates.
 Anne One of Agnes' classmates.
 Berthe One of Agnes' classmates.
 M.MeinenA police officer.
 MadameLoiselA headmistress.
 AntoniaTownsendThe headmistress of Woodsway and Agnes' legal counsel.
 Jacques Fabienne's alias.
 Mr.ThorpeA publisher in UK.
 MissWestMr. Thorpe's deputy.
 Kazumi Antonia Townsend's Japanese name.
 M.LambertA photographer.
 Meaker A chauffeur and a gardener at Woodsway.
 Esse One of the maids.
 Ajax One of Mrs. Townsend's dogs.
 Willow One of Mrs. Townsend's dogs.
 Mrs.FisherA cook.
 Clara Mrs. Fisher's assistant.
 Louisa Fabienne's acquaintance.
 Pierre Louisa's son.
 Josephine Fabienne's acquaintance.
 Catalina One of Agnes' schoolmates at Woodsway.
 Margareta One of Agnes' schoolmates at Woodsway.
 Rose One of Agnes' schoolmates at Woodsway.
 Helen One of Agnes' schoolmates at Woodsway.
 Helene Agnes' pig.
 Mrs.FlaskA hairdresser.
 MissGriffinA dance teacher.
 Mrs.KoppA music teacher.
 BingCrosbyAmerican singer.
 ArchieLewisJamaican singer.
 Marie Agnes' former classmate.
 Etienne One of Fabienne's acquaintances.
 Paul One of Fabienne's acquaintances.
 Phillipa One of Agnes' schoolmates.
 Gillian One of Agnes' classmates.
 M.LaureThe new postmaster.
 Mrs.BrownAn industrialist's widow.
 Wilfred Meaker's good friend.
 FrancoiseSaganA very young girl who became famous in literary history.
 MinouDrouetBecame a poet at the age of eight.
 JulesGagnonA shoe factory worker.
 Mr.TownsendMrs. Antonia Townsend's husband.
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