Characters - Alphabetical
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HerodAntipasThe 1st century ruler.
SimonBen GiorasThe leader of Judean Rebel.
NathanielBen HannaniahMatthias's companion. Ana's fiancé.
King HerodAntipas' father.
EinKaremThe man who baptized people. Aka: John The Immerser.
MaryOf MagdalaJesus' acquaintance.
Matthias BenPhillip LeviasThe head scribe and counselor of Herod Antipas. Ana's father.
BenSiraThe Rabbi.
CleopatraThe 7thThe Queen of Egypt.
Abraham God's prophet.
Ana Jesus Ben Joseph's wife. Protagonist and Narrator.
Annius The Roman prefect.
Apion An emmisary. Haran's treasurer.
Apollonios Apion's father.
Aretas The King of Nabataeans.
Aseneth The arrogant Egyptian girl who forces to marry Joseph.
Aspasia The author of Epithapios.
Berenice Simon's fiancé.
Caiaphas The high priest.
Chaya Yaltha's daughter.
Choiak Dios' son.
Chuza Antipas' steward.
David God's prophet.
Delilah Ana's goat.
Dinah Jacob's daughter.
Diodora Choiak's daughter.
Diotima Socrates's philosophy teacher.
Ephraim Tabitha's fiancé.
Gaius Skepsis' carpenter.
Haran Matthias's brother. Ana's uncle.
Helios The Greek sun god.
Herodias Antipas' new wife.
Horus Titus' son.
Isaac God's prophet.
Jacob God's prophet.
James Jesus' brother.
Joanna Phasaelis silver-haired attendant.
John One of Jesus' followers.
Joseph God's prophet.
Joseph(2) Jesus' father.
Joseph(3) One of Jesus' followers.
Judas Ana's adopted brother.
Judith James's wife.
Lavi Ana's 16-year-old servant.
Lazarus Jesus' friend.
Lilith A demon with the talons of an owl.
Lucian Haran's spy.
Mara Diodora's doll.
Marta Nathaniel's daughter.
Martha Jesus' friend.
Mary Jesus' mother.
Mary(2) Jesus' friend.
Menachem A rich Pharisee.
Moses God's prophet.
Nephthys The guardian of the dead.
Pamphile Haran's house servant.
Phasaelis Antipas' wife.
Philip Antipas' brother.
Philo A Jewish philosopher.
Pilate The Roman governor.
Rachel Jacob's wife.
Ruebel Yaltha's husband. A soldier.
Salome Jesus' sister.
Salome Mary's daughter.
Saul God's prophet.
Shipra Hadar's spy.
Simon Jesus' brother.
Skepsis The leader of Therapeutae.
Socrates Platos old mentor.
Solomon God's prophet.
Sophia The God's female spirit.
Susanna Ana and Jesus' daughter. Aka: Littlest Thunder.
Tabitha The daughter of Matthias's underling scribes.
Thaddeus Haran's scribe.
Theano The librarian.
Titus Ana's Greek tutor.
Uriah Judith's father.
Yaltha Ana's aunt. Haran's sister.
Zopher Nathaniel's sister.