Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProHannieGossettA freedwoman.
1  Hannie Gossett Louisiana, 1875
 Mary Angel Aunt Jenny's baby girl.
 Tati Hannie's good friend
 Jenny Angel Hannie's aunt.
 JepLoachOld Missus Gossett's nephew.
 Hardy Hannie's brother.
 LeBas A man from Woodville who took Hannie's brothers and sisters.
 Palmer A man from Big Woods who took away Hannie's other siblings.
 Prat One of Hannie's brothers.
 Epheme One of Hannie's brothers.
 Addie One of Hannie's brothers.
 Easter One of Hannie's brothers.
 Ike One of Hannie's brothers.
 Baby Rose Hannie's sister.
 WilliamGossettThe plantation owner. Aka: Old Marse.
 MaudLoach Old Marse's wife. Aka: Old Missus.
 Millie Hannie's mother.
 Ira Hannie's uncle.
 Lavinia Old Missus' daughter.
 FaubourgMarignyOne of the rich planter men.
 Treme One of the rich planter men.
 AbrahamLincoln16th U.S. President.
 Het One of Hannie's siblings.
 Jason One of Tati's son.
 John Jason's twin brother.
2  Benedetta Silva - Augustine, Louisiana, 1987
 Bug A car.
 BenedettaSilvaA first year English teacher. Aka: Benny.
 MissGibsonOne of the students.
 Lil' RayRustOne of the students.
 LindaBlairAmerican actress.
 CoachDavisA football coach.
 Mr.PevotoThe principal.
 Mrs.HardyBenny's mentor educator.
 GeorgeOrwellEnglish novelist, essayist, journalist and critic.
3  Hannie Gossett Louisiana, 1875
 Seddie Old Missus' acquaintance.
 Lyle Missy Lavinia's brother.
 Juneau JaneLaPlancheMissy Lavinia's half-sister.
4  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana, 1987
 Christopher Benny's ex-boyfriend.
 MissRettaWorked in the courthouse with the judge.
 Mr.WalkerA former councilman.
 MariaWalkerThe councilman's grandmother.
 Sunshine Mr. Walker's dog.
 Granny T. Mr. Walker's acquaintance.
 JudgeGossettLand owner.
 Joanie Worked at the real state office.
 LaJunaCarterOne of Benny's students.
 Dicey LaJuna's great aunt.
 Ms.Hannah LaJuna's acquaintance.
 Will One of Judge Gossett's sons.
 Manford One of Judge Gossett's sons.
 Robin Judge Gossett's granddaughter.
 NathanGossettRobin's brother.
 Valerie AnneBertinelliAmerican actress and television personality.
 EddieVan HalenAmerican-Dutch musician.
 Sarge LaJuna's aunt.
5  Hannie Gossett Augustine, Louisiana, 1875
 Percy A driver.
 Ginger An old horse.
 Mr.WashburnOld Marse's closest associate in business.
 Moses Mr. Washburn's employee.
6  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana, 1987
 DonnaAlstonReal name of Aunt Sarge.
 Tobias Miss Silva's acquaintance.
8  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana, 1875
 LorenEiseleyAmerican anthropologist, philosopher, and natural science writer.
 MichaelDaigreLil' Ray's friend.
 Gable Sarge's uncle.
9  Hannie Gossett Louisiana, 1875
 AugustusMcKlatchyHannie's real true friend. Aka: Gus.
10  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana. 1987
 Mr.CrumpRuns the Thursday morning farmers market.
 BenRideoutA gardener.
 SterlingGossettNathan Gossett's father.
11  Hannie Gossett Louisiana, 1875
 JeffDavisAmerican actor and comedian.
12  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana, 1987
 Donnie One who made LaJuna's mother in trouble.
14  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana, 1987
 Letty One of the slaves.
 Azek One of the slaves.
 Boney One of the slaves.
 Mars One of the slaves.
 Clem One of the slaves.
 Azelle One of the slaves.
 Louis One of the slaves.
 Caroline One of the slaves.
 Ollie One of the slaves.
 Shad  One of the students.
 Tiffany LaJuna's mother's boyfriend. aka: Tiff.
16  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana, 1987
 Mr.CarnegieOwner of Carnegie Library.
 MargaretTurnerReal name of Granny T.
 Victory Baby Margaret's mother.
 LauraGillOne of Granny T's townie girls.
18  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana, 1987
 Carlessa A field hand purchased from a slave trader.
 Athene Carlessa's daughter.
 Willie Tobias Carlessa's son.
19  Hannie Gossett Texas, 1875
 PeteRainA wagon driver.
 AmaleeAugust RainPete's sister.
 JohnPrattOwner of a blacksmith shop.
  MoodyA reverend.
 FloridaJonesHannie's acquaintance.
20  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana.1987
 HarrietTubmanAmerican abolitionist and political activist.
 WilliamStillAfrican-American abolitionist based in Philadelphia, PA.
 ReverendJohnAn Independent minister.
 JeanRankinA researcher.
 Savanna One of Miss Silva's students.
21  Hannie Gossett Texas, 1875
 James A sheriff.
 J. B.FrenchGus' acquaintance.
 Penberthy J. B. French's foreman.
22  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana,1987
 CalFrazerA mechanic.
 Caroline Cal's aunt.
 ReddFontaineA police officer.
 JenniferGreyAmerican actress.
 JenniferBealsAmerican actress and a former teen model.
 GarFishMiss Silva's student.
 Star One of Gar Fish's sisters.
 Sunnie One of Gar Fish's sisters.
 Finn Gar Fish's brother.
 Saul Gar Fish's uncle.
24  Benny Silva - Augustine, Louisiana,1987
 Hal Lil' Ray's uncle.
 Mrs.GossettOne of the board members. Manford's wife
25  Hannie Gossett Fort McKavett, Texas, 1875
 ElamSalterA deputy U.S. marshal.
28  Benny Silva - Augustine. Louisiana, 1987
 CarlisleGossettWilliam Gossett's first cousin.
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