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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1RemyCharpentierEva's forgery partner. AKA: Andras Konig.
 OttoKuhnLibrarian from The Zentral-Und Landesbibliothek.
 EvaAbramsNarrator. Protagonists. AKA: Eva Traube, Eva Moreau, Marie Charpentier, Sloneczko.
 JennyFishThe Library's assistant manager.
 Ben Eva's son.
 LouisAbramsEva's husband.
2JosephPelletierOne of the students in the English department. Eva's companion.
 FaigaTraubeEva's mother. AKA: Mamusia.
 Tatus Eva's father.
 Mr.GoujonEmployer of Eva's father.
 MadameFontainEva's neighbor.
 Simone Madame Fontain's children.
 Collette Madame Fontain's children.
 AnaBibrowskasEva's neighbor.
 MaxBibrowskasAna's husband.
 Henri Bibrowskas child.
 Aline Bibrowskas child.
3PhillippePetainThe Prime Minister.
5Olga Faiga's sister.
 MadameBarbierThe Lodge Proprietress.
6Le PereClementThe Pastor of Eglise Saint-Alban.
11MadameGremillonRemy's friend.
 ThibaultBrunRemy and Eva's driver.
13MadameNoirotThe woman at the Bookstore.
 YelenaMoreauFaiga's alias.
15Jay The little boy Eva met.
16  The Book of Lost Names - Remy and Eva's book about children who changed their identities.
 JacquesLacroixOne of the names Eva changed.
 GerardFauconOne of Clement's contacts. Joseph's new identity.
17ClaudeGaudibertThe Alias used by the man who was in charge of the resistance.
18MadameTravereClement's acquaintance. A tutor.
 Anne The girl Eva met. A book lover.
19Dorothee A character in the book.
 FraniaKorOne of the orphans Eva changed the identity of.
 Octave One of the orphans. AKA: Johann.
20GenevieveMarchandThe new forger.
 Plunne One of the forgers.
 Mr.DeniaudThe butcher.
21LaurentBoulangerThe forger in Paris. AKA: Marius Augustin.
22Erich Clement's friend.
25LucieBessonEva's new alias.
26AndreBessonEva's pretend husband. Remy's alias.
 Georges Eva's pretend child.
 Maurice Eva's pretend child.
 Didier Eva's pretend child.
 Jacqueline Eva's pretend child.
 Chapal The pastor.
27Le PereBouysonnieThe priest Eva met. Remy's acquaintance.
28MadameTrintignantThe baker from Aurignon.
31Nicola The receptionist.
32ElianeMeiselJacqueline's real name.
 Mila The night security guard.
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