Characters - Alphabetical
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Liesel Meminger The Book Thief. A young girl who lost her brother.
Werner Meminger Liesel's brother who died on the train.
Rosa Hubermann Liesel's foster mother. Works as a launderer.
Ms. Heinrich Foster care lady.
Hans Hubermann Liesel's foster father. An accordionist. aka: Hansi.
Max Vanderburg Known as the Jewish fist fighter.
Hans Hubermann Hans and Rosa's son. aka: Hans Junior.
Trudi Hubermann Hans and Rosa's daughter.
Ms. Diller A sharp-edged woman and shop owner.
Mrs. Holtzapfel Neighbor. Pays Liesel goods to read books to her.
Rudy Steiner Liesel's best friend and partner in crime.
Tommy Muller Rudy's friend with a hearing defect.
Barbara Steiner Rudy's mother.
Kurt Steiner Rudy's older brother.
Alex Steiner Rudy's father. Owns a tailoring shop.
Mr. Kaufmann One of Alex's customers. Shoe shop owner.
Sister Maria   Liesel's teacher. aka: The grim reaper nun.
Ludwig Schmeikl Liesel's classmate who got beat up by her.
Waldenheim   Liesel's classmate.
Lehmann   Liesel's classmate.
Ernst Vogel Rosa's customer.
Mr. & Mrs. Pfaffelhurver Rosa's customers.
Helena Schmidt A rich widow. One of Rosa's customers.
The Weingartners Rosa's customers.
Ilsa Hermann The mayor's wife.
Paula Meminger Liesel's biological mother.
Wolfgang Edel A middle-aged carpenter who built for the Nazi's.
Heinz Hermann The Town Mayor.
Johann Hermann Ilsa's son.
Arthur Berg Leader of gang of kids who steal.
Frits Hammer One of the older members of the gang.
Harald Mollenhauer One of Rudy's soccer buddies.
Andy Schmeikl Another member of the gang. Ludwig's brother.
Walter Kugler Max's friend and sparring partner.
Otto Sturn Boy who brings food for the priest.
Erik Vanderburg Max's father. Hans's friend during WWI.
Stephan Schneider A sergeant and Hans and Erik commander.
Philipp Schlink An eager young soldier.
Herbert Bollinger An old faithful.
Joel Kleinmann Clothing store owner.
Rolf Fischer One of Molching's greatest Nazi's.
Wenzel Gruber Max's first fistfight opponent.
Isaac   Max's oldest cousin.
Sarah   Max's cousin.
Ruth   Max's aunt.
Franz Deutscher Sadistic young leader of the Hitler Youth Division.
Victor Chemmel The new leader. Arthur Berg's successor.
Thomas Mamer Grocery owner.
Ms. Link A teacher at Liesel's school. Not a nun.
Kristina Muller Tommy's little sister.
Ms. Olendrich Liesel's teacher.
Bettina Steiner Rudy's youngest sister.
Herbert Fiedler Owns house where Liesel goes for shelter.
Mr. Jenson One of the neighbors in the shelter.
Rolf Schultz Young man in the shelter.
Emma Steiner Rudy's sister.
Karin Steiner Rudy's sister.
Anna-Marie Steiner Rudy's sister.
Mr. Heckenstaller Supervising teacher in Rudy's medical exam.