Characters - Alphabetical
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Mrs. AbernathyOne of Cussy's library patrons.
LorettaAdamsOne of Cussy's library patrons. Aka: Retta.
Susan B.AnthonyAmerican women's rights activist.
MarieAntoinetteThe last Queen of France.
GracieBanksA postmistress.
CarolineBarnesA widow.
Mr.BarrieScottish novelist and playwright.
Mr.BaxterAgnes' acquaintance.
Mr. BeckRuth's father.
GordonBrownA miner.
Pearl S. BuckAmerican writer and novelist.
WilliamButler YeastsIrish poet.
Cussy MaryCarterElijah's daughter. A Park Horse librarian. Aka: Bluet.
ElijahCarterA coal miner. Aka: Pa.
IrvinCobbAmerican author, humorist, editor and columnist.
HallieColeR.C. Cole's mother. The first female fire watcher in Kentucky.
R.C. ColeOne of Cussy's library patrons.
AdamsDaltonTroublesome's banker.
BetteDavisAmerican actress.
H. L.DavisAmerican novelist.
Lila DawsonA blind widowed woman who has raised four babies.
CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
FlynnEvansOne of Cussy's library patrons.
Mr. EvansPatrick's father.
LucyFitch PerkinsAmerican illustrator and writer of children's book.
Mrs.FlynnTimmy's mother.
TimmyFlynnA library patron.
EulaFosterThe head librarian of the Pack Horse Library.
CharlieFrazierCussy's husband.
VesterFrazierA Pastor.
PellGardnerOne who gave tips on whittling.
WilfredGibsonBritish Georgian poet associated with World War II.
BennyGoodmanAmerican clarinetist and bandleader.
Mr. HamiltonA reputable water witch.
MarthaHannahOne of Cussy's library patrons.
HarriettHardinThe bookbinder and assistant librarian supervisor.
Hewitt HartmanCussy's suitor.
Aldous HuxleyEnglish writer and philosopher.
LauraIngalls WilderAn American writer.
QueenieJohnsonNegro Pack Horse librarian.
DaviesKimboA sheriff.
David HerbertLawrenceAn English writer and poet.
CoryLincolnHarriett's cousin.
JacksonLovettCussy's new patron.
ComfortMarshallHenry's mother.
EmmaMcCainAn old midwife.
MichaelMcKinneyCussy's acquaintance.
RandallMillsA mountain doctor.
AngelineMoffitOne of Cussy's library patrons.
WillieMoffitAngeline's husband.
HowardMooreA coal miner.
LucyMooreBritish-born historian and writer.
JohnnyMosesAgnes's old rented horse.
MableMossEula's acquaintance.
Mr. MossMable's husband.
Mr.MurphyOwner of horses and cattles.
LenaNofcierChairman of the librarian service for the Kentucky PTA.
MissPalmerDr. Miles secretary.
WinnieParkerThe schoolmistress.
Mr.PatchettQueenie's boss.
PabloPicassoSpanish painter.
ConstancePooleHead of the sewing bee club.
Mr.PrineOne of Cussy's library patrons.
Abby GreenRockefellerAmerican socialite and philanthropist.
EleanorRooseveltFormer First Lady of the United States.
Franklin D. Roosevelt32nd U.S. President.
Nester RylieMartha Hannah's acquaintance.
Devil JohnSmithMartha Hannah's husband.
JohnSteinbeckAmerican author.
LeeSturgilA coal miner.
OrenTaftOne of the library patrons.
AllenThompsonKimbo's acquaintance.
Mrs.VanceHarriett's acquaintance.
BoldVentureKentucky Derby winner.
JonahWhiteA miner.
Aaron Queenie's son.
Abigail Patrick's wife.
Agnes Pa's acquaintance.
Albert Winnie's husband.
Aletha Doc's housekeeper.
Alonzo Loretta Adams's nephew.
Bib A horse.
Bill A postmaster.
Birdie A young Pack Horse librarian. Aka: Bird Nest.
Carson One of Marthe Hannah's children.
Clementine One of the students.
Colleen One of Martha Hannah's children.
Colton A hard-working miner. Pa's uncle.
Daniel Pa's older brother.
Doreen A nun.
Eldon Cussy's uncle.
Franklin Queenie's husband.
Gibson The mayor.
Henry One of the students.
Honey The name of Angeline's child. Aka: Mei Li.
Horace The sheriff's deputy.
Junia An old mule.
Junior One of Martha Hannah's children.
Lawsy One of Martha Hannah's children.
Lettie One of Martha Hannah's children.
Lucy One of the students.
Lydia Doc's late wife.
Margie Judge's wife.
Maude Queenie's rented horse.
Maybelle A cow.
Milkweed One of Loretta Adams' cats.
Minnie Angeline's acquaintance.
Myrtle One of Loretta Adams' cats.
Nessie One of the students.
Norton One of the students.
Patrick Mrs. Evans son.
Paul Birdie's horse.
Ruth R.C. Cole's girlfriend.
Sallie Patrick and Abigail's daughter.
Samuel Birdie's coming son.
Scott Doc's acquaintance.
Thomas A doctor. Aka: Doc.
William A child collecting berries.
Willow Queenie's grandmother.