Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1 Honey Mary Angeline Lovett Protagonist.
Cussy Mary Lovett Honey's 2nd mother. The book woman in Kentucky Park Home Library.
Angeline Honey's biological mother.
Willie Moffit Honey's biological father.
Emmet Honey's great uncle.
Junia Honey's mule.
Devil John Smith One of Cussy's old library patrons.
Loretta Adams Cussy's old companion. Honey's guardian.
Bob Morgan Honey's lawyer.
Mr. Faust Honey's family lawyer.
2 Pearl Grant A new fire tower watcher. Honey's friend.
Robbie Hardin A ranger.
Hallie Daggett The first female lookout.
R.C Cole The head forest ranger.
Harriet Hardin Cussy's librarian supervisor.
Pie Pearl's horse.
3 Martha Hannah Smith Devil John's wife.
Carson Smith Devil John's son.
Allen Devil John's colleague.
5 Geraldine Wallace The social worker.
Roy Taylor The judge.
Lettie Smith Devil John's daughter.
Colleen Smith Devil John's daughter.
6 Elijah Carter Honey's grandfather.
7 Eula Foster The library director.
Mrs. Martin One of the librarians.
Mr. Wilson The man who was looking for a mystery novel.
8 Alonzo Retta's nephew.
9 Bonnie Powell One of the students in Cussy's schoolhouse.
Wrenna Jean Abbott The great-granddaughter of Emma McCain.
Dan Greene The Knott county social worker.
Buddy Norton The Knott county judge.
Amara Ballard The newest frontier nurse.
10 Pennie Retta's cat.
11 Gene Pearl's boss at Big Knob.
Elizabeth Grant Pearl's mother.
12 Millie Doc's 2nd wife.
Doc Retta's doctor.
13 Marigold Hall Retta's neighbor who allegedly killed her husband.
15 Leon Payne The burial service agent.
16 Howie Spencer The new owner of Retta's house.
Lily Alonzo's wife.
17 Bonnie Powell A female miner.
18 Ella King One of the librarian applicants.
Jackson Lovett Honey's father.
Francis Moore The man Honey met. Bonnie's cousin.
19 Oliver Baker The beekeeper.
Oren Taft A librarian.
Mr. Murphy A horse rental owner.
20 Mr. Cecil One of Honey's clients.
Charlotte Mr. Cecil's daughter.
Greta Carson's girlfriend.
Big Dessie Bonnie's workmate.
Joey Bonnie's lover.
Joey Jr Bonnie's son.
21 Pete Duncan One of Honey's clients.
Franklin Duncan Pete's brother.
Johnnie Gillis Mrs. Gillis's son. The boy Honey helped.
Guyla Belle Gillis The woman who asked Honey for help.
Perry Gillis Johnnie's father. A violent man.
Toby Perry's workmate.
22 Katherine Williams One of Amara's patients.
24 Bill The post master.
Hedy Lamarr A movie star.
Mrs. Holland The reformatory jail guard.
Eddie Francis's workmate.
Mr. Webb Francis's boss.
Robbie Perry's cousin.
Ida Gillis Perry's sister.
Marie Sadners The jail warden.
Queenie Johnson Cussy's friend.
Bryne McDaniel The black boy who received emancipation.
25 Daniel Cox The reverend.
Irene Cussy's aide.
Haeg The police captain.
Lawrence Wetherby The governor. Doc's friend.
Lydia Doc's first wife.
Walker The school principal.
Tommie Wrenna's rooster.
Howard Moore Elijah's friend. Mrs. Moore's father.
Laura Adams A Librarian. Mrs. Moore's friend.
27 Mr. Clark A jail guard in Kentucky.
30 Mr. Geary The headstone seller.
31 Dale Clark Pearl's former lover.
Anna Pearl's former friend.
Eugene Pearl's former friend.
Jane Scott Pearl's friend.
33 Buckner The sheriff.
35 Mattingly The police sergeant.
37 Timmy Flynn Honey's acquaintance.
Mr. Vessels The social worker and sheriff.
The Book Woman's Daughter suggested by Mary Ann Chandler.