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Kristian Fabricante
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    Part I: 1985
 Rabbi Ava MillerAddie's grandchild. To whom the letter is addressed. aka: Ava.
 Jake  Addie's nephew.
 Jessica  Addie's grandchild. Ava's sister.
 Addie BaumNarrator. The Boston Girl. Aka: Miss Cavendish, Abby Brown.
 Arlene  Addie's daughter. Ava's aunt.
 Clara  Ava's mother.
 Celia  Addie's sister. aka: Sima.
 Betty  Addie's eldest sister. aka: Bronia, Kurveh girl.
    Part II: 1915 - 1916
 Lena  Addie's mother. aka: Mameh.
 Papa  Addie's father.
 Mr. WallaceAddie's elementary teacher.
 Edith ChevalierThe one who started the library for girls. aka: The Poodle.
  Freistadt Addie's neighbor.
 Rose ReardonThe President of Saturday Club.
 Edith GreenFine Arts instructor. Ran a pottery.
    Rock Port Lodge - Inn for Young Ladies.
 Helen FrommerGussie's older sister.
 Gussie FrommerHelen's sister. The Mayor of Rock Port Lodge.
 Maria Filomena GallinelliAddie's Italian roommate and best friend.
 Margaret MorseThe best cook at Rock Port Lodge.
 Irene ConleyRose's roommate.
 Ms. HolbrookeIn charge of outside activities in Rock Port Lodge.
 Ms. CaseMs. Holbrook's boss.
 Kathleen  Irene's brother's wife. aka: The Cow.
 Maria I. GallinelliFilomena's sister. aka: Mimi.
 Maria Teresa GallinelliFilomena's sister.
 Maria D. GallinelliFilomena's sister.
 Maria Sofia GallinelliFilomena's sister.
 Nahum  Addie's deceased brother.
 Herman LevineCelia's former husband. Betty's current husband.
 Myron LevineHerman's son. aka: Mike.
 Jacob LevineHerman's son.
 Mrs. KampinskyAddie's neighbor.
 Harold George WeeksAddie's first kiss.
 Michael CulkeenPolice officer.
  Gilman Rent collector.
    Part III: 1917 - 1918
 Leslie ParkerInstructor of making pots. aka: Lulu.
 Martin  Filomena's uncle.
 Robert MorelliA bronze and clay artist.
 Bob MorelliThe guy who covered for Leslie.
    Ayer School - Girls prep school.
 Ms. PowderAddie's typing class teacher.
 Maureen BlairThe best student.
 Mr. BoyerAddie's poetry teacher.
 Sally BlausteinAddie's classmate.
 Iris OlshinskyAddie's classmate.
 Mario RomanoAddie's classmate.
 Ernie GoldmanAddie's classmate. Dated Addie.
 Christiane  Filomena's nurse.
 Leonard LevineHerman's son.
 Laibel  Addie's uncle. aka: Lenny.
 Josephus DanielsNavy commander.
 Olive  Ms. Chevalier's friend.
    Part V: 1922 - 1924
 Morris SilvermanHerman's business partner.
 Richie  Betty's twin son.
 Carl  Betty's twin son.
 Gloria LettisRock Port Lodge's Director.
 Lucy MillerA 13 year-old with blond pigtails at Rock Port Lodge.
 Hannah  Washer woman at Rock Port Lodge.
 Elizabeth StylesMrs. Morse's sister. Deaf Instructor at Rock Port Lodge.
 George  Mrs. Morse's son.
 Bess SparberGussie's friend from the courthouse.
 Ned  Lucy's uncle.
 Charles ThorndikeTessa's husband. A writer.
 Tessa ThorndikeAddie's friend. aka: Mrs. Smith, Serena.
 Mrs. KayAddie's boarding house landlady.
    The Transcript - The company Addie worked at.
 Mr. MortonAddie's interviewer and boss at The Transcript. aka: Mort.
 Flora  Columnist at The Transcript.
 Katherine WaltersColumnist at The Transcript. Aka: Miss Maypole, the Giraffe.
 Ian CornishEditor at The Transcript. aka: The Bantam, Henrieta Cavendish.
    Part VI: 1925 - 1926
 Mary HollandTold Addie about the Anti-Lynching Crusade.
 Rita MetskyLaw student who will be going to Pontia Law School.
 Aaron MetskyRita's brother. Addie's then-boyfriend.
 Bert Forster14 year-old who lost fingers on his right hand.
 Ruth  Aaron's cousin.
 Joe RileyIrene's husband.
 Martha  Aaron's acquaintance.
 Michael MetskyAaron's brother. A real estate lawyer.
 Mildred MetskyAaron's stepmother.
 Murray MetskyAaron's father.
 Lois RosensweigSomeone Michael dated for 5 years.
    Part VII: 1927
 Sylvia  Ava's aunt.
    Part VIII: 1931
 Simone  Aaron's biological mother.
 Jonah  Eddy's daughter.
 Jacob  Eddy's son.
 Saul CohenArt collector from Philadelphia.
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