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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part One
1GrantMatthewsAn American grad student.
 Dasho Grant's Bhutanese guide. A former monk.
 HaroldBillingslyGrant's mentor. Holder of the Winchester Professorship of Religion. AKA: Professor Billingsly.
2BrianBradyA New Hope reverend.
 BarbaraHowellOne of the church members.
 WilliamJenningsDirector of operations of New Hope.
3Karma The man who helped Grant. The town's doctor.
 KinleyGoenpoThe senior monk.
 Jigme Kinley's student.
 Ummon The little monk.
4TimHuntleyAn ex-soldier. A New Hope church member.
 JohnnyMeckleTim's co-worker and childhood friend.
 Elizabeth Johnny's co-worker.
 DuncanSummersVice President of ISG. Tim's boss.
5Issa The mysterious Indian saint.
 NicholasNotovitchA Russian journalist.
6  INSCOM - The Army Intelligence and Security Command.
 SaddamHusseinThe President of Iraq.
 MarthaSimpsonAn English literature professor. The woman Billingsly dated.
 Arthur Martha's dead husband.
7KristinMisakiTravel writer.
9LamaDorjiThe Fifth Reincarnation of Holy Lama. Je Khenpo's assistant.
10CarlaHealyThe New Hope church new controller.
   NAE - National Association of Evangelicals.
 JimmyJeffriesThe current NAE President.
12Manu Issa's new colleague.
   Part Two
21CharlesDawsonThe CNN news anchor.
23Isabelle Kristin's older sister.
24EdwardFlanniganChair of the Religious Studies department.
25ShahJahanAn Indian emperor.
 UstadIsaThe Persian architect who designed Taj Mahal.
27Razi Grant's old friend. A local Muslim student.
32Vinay One of Issa's companions.
 Swami Issa's teacher.
34DeeprajBhattAn Indian professor.
   Part Three
49Mara The God of Death.
52Sangay Jigme's cousin.
The Breath of God suggested by Sandra Hall-Slayton.