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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProBillie JeanKingAmerican tennis player.
 BobbyRiggsAmerican tennis champion.
 GloriaSteinemAmerican feminist journalist and social political activist.
 HelenReddyAmerican-Australian singer, songwriter, author and actress.
 Ana├»sNinAmerican-Cuban-French diarist.
 HenryMillerAmerican writer and artist.
 Rhoda Executive director of the synagogue. One of the bridge ladies.
 MontgomeryCliftAmerican actor.
 RockHudsonAmerican actor.
 RoaldDahlBritish novelist.
 CharlesGorenAmerican bridge player.
 BetteCohenOne of the bridge ladies.
 BeaPhillipsOne of the bridge ladies.
 Jackie One of the bridge ladies.
 RozLernerOne of the bridge ladies.
 BenjaminSpockAmerican pediatrician.
 Dr.SeussAmerican children's author, political cartoonist.
 JimiHendrixAmerican musician, singer, and songwriter.
1  A Private Language
 EileenFisherAmerican clothing designer.
 JennyJosephEnglish poet.
 TonyKushnerAmerican playwright, author, and screenwriter.
 SethMacFarlaneAmerican actor, writer, producer, and singer.
 BobHopeAmerican-British comedian.
 KarlMarxA philosopher.
 EmilyPostAmerican author, novelist, and socialite.
 WoodyAllenAmerican film director.
 BetsyLernerAn author.
 MaryPickfordAmerican-Canadian film actress.
 EthelBarrymoreAmerican actress.
 FlorenceHendersonAmerican actress and singer. aka: Carol Brady.
 ShirleyJonesAmerican actress and the lead role of Shirley Partridge.
2  The Manhattan Bridge Club
 Barbara 1 A teacher at the bridge club.
 Keebler Elf A dealer at the game.
3  The Athenian
 Omar A waiter.
 BenBrantleyAmerican theatre critic, journalist, editor, publisher and writer.
 LenaDunhamAmerican actress, writer, director, and producer.
 HillaryClintonFormer United States Secretary of State.
 ArloweGuthrieAmerican singer-songwriter.
 LynnCarterAn actress.
 DeborahTannenAmerican author and professor of linguistics.
 Anne A therapist.
 MillardFleetwoodBea's acquaintance.
4  A Thousand Bette Cohens
 EdwardAlbeeAmerican playwright.
 AlbertHorowitzBette's husband.
 BobbySealeBlack Panther leader.
 JuliaJacobsThe Director of the Pediatric Epilepsy Progrogram at Alberta Children's Hospital.
 JoanCrawfordAmerican film and television actress.
 KatharineHepburnAmerican actress of film, stage, and television.
 BetteDavisAmerican actress.
 GingerBaileyBette's new friend.
 SylviaCohenBette's mother.
 CateBlanchettAustralian actress, producer, and theatre director.
 John Betsy Lerner's husband.
 BobDylanAmerican singer-songwriter, author and visual artist.
 ZeroMostelAmerican actor, singer and comedian of stage and screen.
5  Bingo
 JeffBayonThe owner of the Manhattan Bridge Club.
 Pashmina Betsy's acquaintance.
6  How I Met Your Father
 NathanHaleAmerican soldier and spy for the Continental Army.
 Dick Jackie's husband.
 Lady Jackie's aunt.
 Ruth BaderGinsburgFormer Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the U.S.
 RitaHayworthAmerican actress, dancer, and producer.
 Peter Rhoda's husband.
 Donald A young doctor.
 RichardChamberlainAmerican actor and singer.
 EugeneGenoveseAmerican historian.
 CarlBernsteinAmerican investigative journalist and author.
 BarbaraStreisandAmerican singer, actress, and filmmaker.
 Shayna Betsy's pet name.
7  What To Expect
 DianeSawyerAmerican television broadcast journalist.
 Marion Roz's acquaintance.
 Beth Peter and Rhoda's daughter.
 CarlPhillipsBea's husband.
 NancyPhillipsCarl and Bea's daughter.
 Brion Roz's acquaintance.
 Fania A Russian manicurist.
8  Ruffing It
 Matty Betsy's friend.
 Jeff One of Betsy's acquaintances.
 Ellen One of Betsy's acquaintances.
 Emily One of Betsy's acquaintances.
 TravisBickleOne of Betsy's acquaintances.
 Pupik One of Betsy's acquaintances.
 OmarSharifEgyptian film and television actor.
 LouiseBrooksAmerican film actress and dancer.
 PhilipJohnsonAmerican architect.
 CocoChanelFrench fashion designer.
 JustinBieberCanadian singer-songwriter.
9  Welcome To The Club
 Nina Betsy's older sister.
 Charlotte P.GilmanAmerican novelist.
 Vincentvan GoghDutch painter.
 Mrs.KekstA teacher at the Jewish Center.
 PabloPicassoSpanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, and theater designer.
10  1964
 David FosterWallaceAmerican author of novels, short stories and essays.
 Barbara 2 Betsy's sister.
 Shirley One of the night ladies.
 Gloria Roz's closest friend.
 Barbara 3 Gloria's youngest children.
11  The Finesse
 BarbaraBarkinBetsy's acquaintance.
 BernardBarkinBarbara Barkin's husband.
 AlConeA Bridge player's teacher.
 Ruth A bookkeeper.
12  The Revelation of Self
 JerryGarciaAmerican singer-songwriter.
 FrancisKayRhoda's longtime friend. aka: Fran.
 George Rhoda's gentleman friend.
 Pippin One of Fran's boyfriend.
 Amy Bette's daughter.
 Liza Jackie's daughter.
 AliciaFlorrickThe main character of the TV series The Good Wife.
 BessMyersonThe only Jewish woman to win Miss America.
 LaurenBacallAmerican actress.
 HumphreyBogartAmerican film and stage actor.
 AliceMunroCanadian short story writer.
 Raffi Betsy's daughter.
13  Zig-Zag
 EliWhitneyAmerican inventor.
 MickJaggerEnglish singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer.
 BettyFriedanAmerican feminist writer and activist.
 JimiMorrisonAmerican singer-songwriter and poet.
 ChuckBerryAmerican singer, songwriter and guitarist.
 LeonRussellAmerican musician and songwriter.
 VanMorrisonThe lead singer of the Northern Irish R&B and rock band.
 JoanBaezAmerican singer, songwriter, musician, and activist.
 EltonJohnEnglish singer, songwriter, pianist, and composer.
 W.W.JacobsEnglish author of short stories and novels.
 John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 Robert F.KennedyFormer United States Attorney General
 Martin LutherKing, Jr.American Baptist minister and activist.
 NeilArmstrongAmerican astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon.
 SharonTateAmerican actress and model.
 ZacEfronAmerican actor and singer.
 HilaryDuffAmerican actress, singer-songwriter, producer, and writer.
 Raven American actress and singer.
14  Get The Kiddies Off The Street
 Jonathan Betsy's new acquaintance.
15  The Hands of a Clock
 BettyRollinNBC News correspondent and author.
 Gail Betsy's younger sister.
 NancyPelosiSpeaker of the United States House of Representatives.
 Freddie Roz's granddaughter.
16  Jew in the Box
 ChristyTurlingtonAmerican model.
 Edward L.WallantAmerican writer.
 NeilSimonAmerican playwright, screenwriter and author.
 BernardGoodmanJackie's uncle.
 BurnettGoodwinBernard Goodman's new name.
17  Bette in the Flames
 WinstonChurchillFormer Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
 BenitoMussoliniFormer Prime Minister of Italy.
18  When the Student is Ready, The Teacher Appears
 AmedeoModiglianiItalian Jewish painter and sculptor.
 JessJurkovicA Bridge club teacher.
 Yolanda One of Betsy's acquaintances.
 Esther One of Betsy's acquaintances.
 ShaunWhiteAmerican snowboarder.
19  Ash
 Rudie Rhoda's friend.
 Barbara 4 Bette's roommate at Skidmore.
 Rhoda BelleFreedmanOne of Rhoda's high school classmates.
 Ruth HelenFreedmanOne of Rhoda's high school classmates.
 Vivian One of Roz's friends.
 Sylvia One of Roz's friends.
 StephenKingAmerican author of horror, supernatural fiction and suspense.
 MaureenO'HaraIrish actress and singer.
 MillieKlarikRoz's acquaintance.
 AlanTuringEnglish mathematician, computer scientist, logician.
 Jack Beth's son.
 Davi Bette's daughter.
20  The Bridge Ladies
 SisLevineBette's old friend.
 Siskel One of Betsy's acquaintances.
 Ebert One of Betsy's acquaintances.
 BruceSpringsteenAmerican singer, songwriter, and musician.
 BobMarleyJamaican singer, songwriter, and musician.
 EdwardHirschAmerican poet.
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