Characters - Alphabetical
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IbrahimArifA Thursday Club member. A psychiatrist.
Elizabeth BestFormer spy. The founder of Thursday Murder Club.
RobertBrown MSCThe name of the account where the stolen money goes.
BillChiversStephen's friend. A book dealer.
FionaClemenceMike's former co-host.
DonnaDe FreitasThe police constable.
PatriceDe FreitasDonna's mother.
BerylDeepdeneCover name of a British operative in Moscow.
DannyDuffJason's boxing pal.
JonathonEdwardsThe prison guard.
AndrewEvertonThe chief constable of Kent.
HeatherGarbuttA member of the VAT fraud.
MichaelGullisThe director of Absolute Dynamite.
TerryHalletA detective inspector. Chris's colleague.
CatherineHowardThe chief constable.
ChrisHudsonThe detective chief inspector. Donna's partner.
ViktorIllyichThe former KGB head of station in Leningrad. The owner of the diamond that Elizabeth stole.
BogdanJankowskiElizabeth's friend. Donna's lover.
PaulineJenkinsRon's make-up artist.
ConnieJohnsonThe woman who plans to kill Bogdan and Ron. A drug dealer.
MartinLomaxA well-known banker for international criminals.
JackMasonA local crook. Heather's boss.
GerryMeadowcroftJoyce's dead husband.
JoannaMeadowcroftJoyce's daughter.
JoyceMeadowcroftA former nurse. A Thursday Murder Club member.
Mr.NowakBogdan's former teacher.
CarwynPriceThe producer.
RonRitchieA Thursday Club member.
KuldeshSharmaThe owner of Kemptown Curious shop.
PrishaSharmaKuldesh's wife.
TheVikingAntagonist. The money launderer. Aka: Henrik Mikael Hansen.
MikeWaghornBethany's friend. A T.V. reporter/journalist.
BethanyWaitesA T.V. reporter. Murdered.
CarronWhiteheadThe name of the account where the stolen money goes.
Alan Joyce's new dog.
Amber Mike's co-host.
Anton A masseuse.
Brian Daisy's husband.
Carl Donna's ex-boyfriend.
Clive Pauline's husband.
Cornelius Joanna's colleague.
Daisy Stephen's acquaintance.
Dale The boy who called Viktor.
Edward Daisy's lover.
Kendrick Ron's grandson.
Len The man Chris interviewed.
Lenny Jack's brother.
Luke Fiona's instagram adviser.
Marjory The woman who was introduced to Andrew.
Mervyn The new resident in Elizabeth's village.
Minty Gerry's friend. A tatoo artist.
Ricardo A masseuse.
Rosie Mervyn's dog.
Scott The football chairman.
Stephen Elizabeth's husband.
Susie Ron and Pauline's spa guide.
Suzi Ron's daughter.
Yuri The Viking's associate.