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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Jasper   Leary   9 year-old boy abandoned by his mother.
            Ogichidaa - a warrior.
    Althea   Williams   Jasper's mother. Wendell's wife. Works at dairy. aka: Thea.
    Leonard   Williams   Jasper's uncle. Wayne's father. Velma's husband.
    Mrs.   Carbo   Owner of Carbo's Bakery.
    Butch   Cavendish   No good cow rustler.
    Doc   Rockford   Ranch owner.
    Wendell   Leary   Jasper's father. Althea's husband. Works at auto plant.
2   Wayne   Williams   Leo's son. Jasper's cousin.
    Velma   Williams   Leo's wife. Wayne's mother.
    Lucifer       Barn cat.
    Paul   Sheldon   Leo's neighbor.
    Roy       Nutless pig.
    Arthur   Hoyt   Boar's owner.
5   Alfred       Althea's brother. Jasper's uncle.
    Pearl       Althea's sister. Jasper's aunt.
    Ellen   Babcock   School teacher.
6   Sally       Cow who produces the most milk.
7   Mr.   Bradley   Town Sheriff.
8   Clint   Sharkey   Barkeeper.
    Ronnie       Came up with the name Tally Ho.
    Cal       Leo's drinking buddy.
    Big Bill       Bouncer.
10   John   Russo   Police Detective.
11   Davey   Harding   Pearl's lover.
12   Nicodemus       Old Hoyt's bull.
13   John   Williams   Althea's father.
    Alice       Hoyt's wife.
    Maureen       Hoyt's former maid.
    Motega       First Indian Althea met.
    Taki       Perry's friend.
14   Josie       Hoyt's rickety old mare.
15   Cecil   Harding   6th grader who called Jasper's mother a hussy.
    Mel       Wayne's buddy.
    Bobby       Cecil's classmate.
16   Millie       A horse.
17   Ayasha       Jasper's half sister.
19   Sargeant   Kilburn   A detective.
21   Dixie       Lucy's friend.
    Mrs.   Valassis   Cashier of the mini-restaurant.
25   Mr.   Harding   Cecil's father.
26   Patcvhett       A farmer.
30   Vet       Leo's best cow.
    Delilah   Cummings   Althea's classmate.
31   Mick       The guy at the plant.
32   Myrtle       Farm animal.
33   Dr.   Whitebird   They call him the "witch doctor".
36   Ogimaa       Motega's father. Head of the tribal council.
37   Pati       Nurse's son.
    Sakima       Person Motega will talk to.
    Charles A.   Duncan   Respected US Marshal.
38   Jim   Jenkins   Lost a foot.
45   Timmy       Baby goat.
46   Cecil       Missing person.
    Mary       Missing person.
    Eleanor       Missing person.
48   Clementine       Hoyt's new heifer.
    Pluto       Hoyt's bull.
    Blue Bell       John's heifer.
57   Mrs.   Bradley   Sheriff Bradley's wife.
    Chuck       A Marshall.
60   Deputy   Sims   Was assigned to take Jasper home.