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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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1Buck Judge Miller's dog.
   Judge Miller's Place - House of Buck.
 Toots The Japanese Pug.
 Ysabel The Mexican Hairless.
 JudgeMillerBuck's first owner.
 Mollie MillerDaughter of Judge Miller.
 AliceMillerDaughter of Judge Miller.
 Elmo St. Bernard / Father of Buck.
 Manuel The gardener's helper who kidnapped Buck.
 Saloon-Keeper The man who tormented Buck.
 Perrault French-Canadian man trains sled dogs. Friend of Francois.
 Curly Friend of Buck.
 Francois French-Canadian mail driver bought Buck. Perrault's friend.
 Dave The new sled dog of Francois / A lazy dog.
2Spitz The leader of Francois's dog-team / A big snow-dog.
 Bilee New sled dog of Francois / A Husky.
 Joe New sled dog of Francois / A Husky.
 Sol-leks An old husky / Francois new sled dog.
 Pike New sled dog of Francois / A clever malingerer and thief.
 Dub An awkward blunderer.
3Dolly The last dog added to Francois's "sled dog team".
4Teek A native husky.
 Koona A native husky.
5Hal American gold seeker. Bought buck from Francois & Perrault.
 Charles Brother-in-law of Hal / Mercedes's husband.
 Mercedes Sister of Hal / Charles's wife.
 JohnThorntonBuck's new owner / The man who saved Buck's life.
6Hans John Thornton's partner.
 Pete John Thornton's partner.
 Matthewson A Bonanza king.
 Jim O'Brien A Mastodon king.