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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1MarleneDiPietraCaleb's ex-wife. Aka: Mar.
 Caleb JamesRooneyA chef. A detective. Aka: Killer Chef.
3CharlesBossettA Deputy Superintendent of Field Operations.
 Lawrence C.GrantA drug dealer. Aka: Larry.
4Crystal Larry Grant's widow.
 TyGrantLarry's younger brother.
 Deborah KatzA police officer.
5BryanCunninghamThe Chief Detective.
7MelanieRosenbaumA pastry chef. Aka: Mel.
11Lucas BryantDoddOwner of the Garden District restaurant.
13VanessaMcKeonLucas's wife.
16MarcusMorganFBI special agent.
 RobertFontaineNOPD superintendent.
19BeatriceSt. VilleA local chef. Aka: Bea.
 IbrahimFarzatA Syrian refugee.
 Luis A sous chef.
21Rima Ibrahim's wife.
27Sgt. KevinSpearmanSWAT's platoon leader. aka: Kev.
29BillyNeedhamOwner of a Petite Amie's restaurant.
 GordonAndrewsCaleb's friend.
30EmilyBeaudetteBilly's half-sister.
 David NeedhamEmily's cousin.
32Dr. QuincyJohnsonThe Orleans Parish deputy coroner.
33Bryant One of the forensic technicians.
  De SotoOne of the forensic technicians.
34Rosella The restaurant owned by David Needham.
 Mosaad David's bodyguard.
40Gladys A mare.
 Cooper An stallion.
48Saleelel-SharifRima's great-uncle.
60Angus Thr trucker-hatman.
87Dubus A tactical NOPD officer.
88ReginaldBroussardA driver. Aka: Reggie.
 Melissa Reginald's niece.
89Grace Reginald's sister.