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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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1IRA Irish Republican Army; underground Irish nationalist organization for Irish independence from Great Britain
 Bobby SandsImprisoned IRA activist/hunger-striker, died 5/5/82
 Frankie HughesImprisoned IRA activist/hunger striker, died 5/12782
 UDR Ulster Defense Regiment
 Constable PricePolice officer in Duffy's Carrickfergus squad, canine officer
  Constable McCrabbanPolice officer in Duffy's Carrickfergus squad, aka "Crabbie"
 Sgt. Alan McCallisterPolice officer in Duffy's Carrickfergus squad
 Sgt. Sean xMcCallisterDetective, Carrickfergus police squad leader. Catholic
 Mrs. CampbellDuffy's attractive next-door neighbor
  Inspector BrennanDuffy's superior, head of Carrickfergus squad
 Mrs. BridewellAnother neighbor of Duffy's, 2 doors down
 Matty McBrideForensics officer
 Carol Police station secretary
 Constables Quinn & DaveyPolice at scene of 1st murder
 John Doe1st murder victim
 CID Criminal Investigation Division
 Dr. Laura CathcartPolice pathologist
2Adele Duffy's former girlfriend, schoolteacher
 UVF Ulster Volunteer Force, illegal Protestant paramilitary group
 UDA Ulster Defence Association, illegal Protestant paramilitary group
 RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary
 Oscar McDowellNewsagent
 Jim PrenticePolice officer, manages informants for the group
 Sammy McGuinnDuffy's barber, violinist with the Ulster Orchestra
4Mrs. McCawleyHelpful librarian at Carrick Library
  JamesonTrainee police officer
 Inspector MitchellBrennan's deputy, runs RUC sub-station in Whitehead
 Andrew Young2nd murder victim, music teacher at Carrickfergus Grammar School, suspected homosexual
6Lucy O'Neill MooreEx-wife of imprisoned IRA activist, missing for 6 months, found dead in Woodburn Forest outside Belfast
 Seamus MooreEx-husband of Lucy Moore, in the Maze for possessing a stolen shotgun, on hunger strike
  DeSlootForest ranger who found Lucy Moore's body
 Margaret TannerSeamus Moore's mistress
 Ned ArmstrongEmployee of Confidential Telephone
7Bobby CameronNeighbor of Duffy, officer in the terrorist group Ulster Freedom Fighters (division of the UDA)
8Tommy Little1st murder victim, occasional driver for Gerry Adams & Sinn Fein, and maybe more
 Sinn Fein Left-wing Irish republican political party active in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
 Gerry AdamsIrish Republican politician active in Sinn Fein from the 1970s, in charge from 1983 to 2018
10Heather FitzgeraldConstable of the Carrickfergus station
11Walter Hays Former boyfriend of Tommy Little
 Billy WhiteProtestant paramilitary, UVF commander, suspected of crimes. Tommy was going to see him the night of his murder
 Freddy ScavanniSinn Fein press officer, associated with the IRA
12Davey ChildersRUC liaison at the Maze Prison
 Shane DavidsonAssistant to Billy White
 FRU Force Research Unit, the IRA's internal security unit
13Dr. Ian PaisleyLoyalist politician and Protestant religious leader from Northern Ireland. Evangelical minister
14George SeawrightScottish-born unionist politician in Northern Ireland and loyalist in the UVF (assassinated in 1987). Councilor for the DUP
 DUP Democratic Unionist party, unionist political party in Northern Ireland favoring British identity
15Claire O'NeillLucy Moore's sister
 Raymond McCreeshIRA prisoner in the Maze on hunger strike, died on May 21, 1981
 Patsy O'HaraIRA prisoner in the Maze on hunger strike, died on May 21, 1981
 Tony O'RourkeEditor, Sunday World newspaper
 Inspector ToddSpecial Branch
19Anthony BlaneBilly White's lawyer
22Peter EvansMI5 agent