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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProClarkMcCallSole heir.
 MackMcCallClark's father.
 Jean Mack McCall's second wife.
 Bradford The butler.
1A. ScottFenneyBusiness partner Ford Stevens's Law firm. Aka: Scotty
 SamuelBufordU.S. District Court Judge.
2Missy Ex-Dallas Cowboys' cheerleader.
 Rob A law student.
 Sue Scott's secretary.
 StanTaylorOne of Scott's acquaintances.
 GeorgeParkerOne of Scott's acquaintances.
 ThomasDibrellScott's client. Aka: Tom
 JohnWalkerA lawyer.
 DanFordOwner of Ford Stevens Law firm.
 Marlene Tom's secretary.
 NadineJohnsonOne of Tom's wife.
 FrankTurnerNadine's lawyer.
 Babs Tom's wife number four.
3SirGreenbergAn associate at Ford Stevens Law firm.
 Consuelade la RosaScott's housemaid.
 EstebanGarciaConsuela's boyfriend.
 RudyGutierrezAn immigrant lawyer.
4DonMeredithOne of the greatest athletes.
 ShawandaJonesA hooker.
 GeneStevensOne of the founder of Ford Stevens Law firm.
5Osvaldo An attendant.
 ButchFenneyScott's father.
 Barbara BooFenneyScott's daughter.
 Sally Boo's acquaintance.
 Cindy Boo's friend.
 Rebecca G. FenneyScott's wife.
 Muffy Rebecca's acquaintance.
 Bill Muffy's husband.
6Kiki Shawanda's friend.
 Pajamae Shawanda's daughter.
 Louis Pajamae's uncle.
 RobertHerrinA defense lawyer. Aka: Bobby.
7Roberto Head at the Downtown Club.
 CarlosHernandezA waiter.
 Hector Bobby's client.
 Rasheed One of Scott's friends.
 Leroy One of Scott's friends.
 CharlesJacksonScott's right offensive guard. Aka: Big Charlie.
8RayBurnsAssistant U.S. attorney.
9MarthaMcCallClark's mother.
 DelroyLundMack McCall's bodyguard.
 CarlosKincaidAn ex-cop.
11HannahSteeleA rape victim.
 Barbara FenneyScott's mother.
12BernieCohenFord Stevens partner in securities system.
13KarenDouglasOne of Scott's associates.
16Richard Karen's acquaintance.
 Stewart The Club's manager.
 Darrell A security guard.
 Han  A bodybuilder.
 Trey A young golf pro.
 ErniePosterHead of the golf club.
17TedSidwellThe bank president.
  SchneiderA bankruptcy judge.
19Mr.BaileyScott's acquaintance.
 Sissy A saleslady.
20JeffreyBirnbaumThe one who bought Scott's mansion.
 Penny Jeffrey's wife.
21Jerry One of the guards.
 Ron One of the guards.
 Rachel One of Boo's friends.
 Cary One of Boo's friends.
22Helen Judge Buford's secretary.
 BobHarrisINS regional director.
23Mrs.JacobsOne of Scott's neighbors.
 Mrs.SmytheOne of Scott's neighbors.
 DoloresHudsonOne of Scott's neighbors.
24Joy An agent.
26EddieCastilleA patrol officer.
 RolandJamesA sergeant.
 PaulOwenOne of the FBI agents.
 AndyEdwardsOne of the FBI agents.
27WendellLeeThe crime lab analyst.
 VictorUrbinaDallas County medical examiner.
 HenryHudsonA forensic expert.
28Dorena Shawanda's mother.
 Eddie Pajamae's father.
30HarryHankinA divorce lawyer.
EpiMs.DawsonBoo's teacher.