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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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Pro   Don   Ellis   Works for Special Services Unit of LAPD.
    Victor   Long   Don's partner.
1   Harry   Bosch   Former LAPD detective. aka: Hieronymus Bosch.
    Mickey   Haller   Harry's lawyer and stepbrother.
        Sanchez   LAPD Police Officer.
    Mr.   Hennegan   Arrested by Officer Sanchez.
    Steve   Yerrid   Judge.
2   Mr.   Wright   Prosecutor.
3   Maddie   Bosch   Harry's daughter.
    Hayley   Haller   Mickey's daughter.
    Lexi   Parks   Victim. West Hollywood Asst. Mgr. aka: Alexandra Parks.
    Da"Quan   Foster   Arrested for murder. Mickey's client.
    Cisco       Defense investigator. aka: Dennis Wojciechowski.
4   Virginia   Skinner   Times reporter.
    Sandy   Milton   Victim. Conservative City Councilman.
    Richard   Ledbetter   Virginia's Editor. aka: Richie Bed-wetter.
    Vincent   Harrick   Lexi's husband. Sheriff's Deputy.
6   Lazlo   Cornell   Sheriff's Department Homicide Investigator.
    Tara   Schmidt   Sheriff's Department Homicide Investigator.
    Ellen   Tasker   Prosecutor from District Attorney's office.
    Marta   Foster   Da'Quan's wife.
9   Jennifer   Aronson   Associate Counsel. Works for Mickey.
13   Sindy       aka: James Allen. Transvestite.
15   Lucia   Soto   Harry's former partner at LAPD.
    Stanley   O'Shaughnessy   Lucia's current partner. aka: Stanley the Steamer.
    Mike   Stotter   Detective assigned to Robbery-Homicide Division.
    Ali   Karim   Detective assigned to Robbery-Homicide Division.
16       Hinojos   Doctor. Profiler. Head of Behavioral Science Unit.
17   Taylor   Mitchell   Real estate agent.
18   Oscar   Gascon   In-charge of security at Hollywood Forever.
19       Blackledge   CTE (Condom Trace Evidence) expert. From San Diego.
20       Gonzalez   Lieutenant. aka: Gonzo.
    Ashley   Juggs   One of Bobbsey twins. aka: Deborah Stovall.
    Annie   Minx   One of Bobbsey twins. aka: Josette Leroux.
24   Edward   Montez   LAPD policeman.
    Mrs.   Jiminez   Lives in apartment 203.
    Ricardo   Benitez   Lives in apartment 103. Works baggage claims for Delta.
25   Eleanor   Wish   Maddie's mother. Deceased.
27   Peter   Nguyen   An owner of Nelson Grant & Sons.
    Paul   Nguyen   An owner of Nelson Grant & Sons.
29   Bertrand   Gerard   Manager at Audemars Piquet Shop in Las Vegas.
    George   Schubert   Plastic Surgeon. Lives in Beverly Hills.
30   Tim   Marcia   Works at Open-Unsolved Unit at LAPD.
    Kim       Haven House Manager.
    Dick   Sutton   Senior Investigator in Sheriff's Homicide Unit.
31   Gil   Contreras   Dick's partner.
32   Marko       Uber driver.
35   Janet       Secretary of the Vice Unit's Captain.
37   Francis   Albert   Harry's neighbor. aka: Frank.
47       Cotilla   Sergeant.
49   Nancy   Mendenhall   Internal Affairs Division Investigator.
    Ron   Ellington   Commander of LAPD's Professional Standards Bureau.
50   Martin   O'Dell   Internal Affairs Division Investigator.
53   Joseph   Sackville   Judge.
    Brad   Landreth   Deputy District Attorney.
54   Andre   Masters   Sindy's close friend.