Book Companion Logo  THE CUBAN AFFAIR
Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Carlos   Macia   Lawyer.
    Daniel G.   MacCormick   Fishing charter boat owner. aka: Mac/Captain/J.R.Mills.
    Larry       Secretary General of the Republic.
    Jack   Colby   Mac's first mate and financial advisor.
    Pat       Owner of the Green Parrot.
4   Dave   Katz   Taxi driver in New York.
    Web       Daniel's older brother.
    Webster Sr.       Daniel's father.
    June   Bedell   Daniel's mother.
5   Ragnar   Krutsen   Former owner of the boat.
6   Maggie   Flemming   Daniel's fiancĂ©.
7   Eduardo   Valasquez   Carlos's client.
    Sara   Ortega   Architect. aka: Anna Teresa Mills.
8   Enrique Sr.       Eduardo's father.
    Enrique Jr.       Eduardo's brother.
10   Joe       A priest.
    Sebastian       Joe's guy.
11   Tina       The barmaid.
    Felipe       Eduardo's grand nephew.
12   Tad       Yale faculty member.
    Alison       Lecturer on Cuban culture.
    Barry   Nalebuff   Yale professor.
13   Jose       The bus driver.
15   Pablo       The guide.
17   Alexandra   Mancusi   Married to Scott Mero.
    Ashleigh   Arote   Young and better-looking woman in the group.
    Scott   Mero   Alexandra's busband.
    Antonio       Cuban tour guide.
18   Marcelo       Sara's contact person.
24   Simpson       A sergeant.
31   Elizabeth   Kuwalski   Jack's sister. aka: Betty.
    Derek       Betty's son.
    Sohpie       Betty's daughter.
33   Lope       The substitute driver.
    Dr.   Mendez   A rector.
36   Tomas       Taxi driver.
    Camila       Owner of a four-star case.
39   Erasmo       The chef.
    Ramon       Undercover agent for Ministry of the Interior.
40   Paco       The young driver.
41   Chico       Chop shop's owner.
    Flavio       Chico's buddy
55   Keith       CIA officer.