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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProRoyCarverThe detective inspector who handles Lula's case.
 EricWardleThe detective sergeant. Carver's colleague.
   Part 1
1RobinEllacottMatthew's girlfriend. Strike's new secretary. Aka: Sandra, Annabel.
 Cormoran BlueyStrikeThe private detective. Aka: Mystic Bob, Corm, Federico, Stick.
2CharlotteCampbellStrike's lover.
3JohnBristowStrike's client. A lawyer.
 CharlieBristowMr. Bristow's brother. Deceased.
 LulaLandryMr. Bristow's sister. The girl who allegedly committed suicide. Aka: Cuckoo.
 AlecBristowThe Bristow's adoptive father.
 YvetteBristowThe Bristow's adoptive mother.
 TansyBestiguiLula's neighbor.
4AlisonCresswellJohn's secretary.
 EvanDuffieldLula's boyfriend.
 CiaraPorterLula's friend. A model.
 DeebyMaccAn American rapper. Lula's neighbor. Aka: Daryl Brandon MacDonald.
5Mr.CrowdyThe graphic designer.
 Sandra(2) Strike's former secretary.
 RichardAnstisThe detective inspector. Strike's friend.
6PeterGillespieThe man Strike is indebted to.
7The RunnerThe mystery man who was seen in the CCTV footage.
 DerrickWilsonThe security guard on duty when Lula died.
   Part 2
1DanaGibsonA journalist.
 MelanieTelfordA writer.
 EmmelinePankhurstA model.
 GuySomeLula's fashion designer and close friend. Aka: Kevin Owusu.
 GeoffreyHookMrs. Hook's husband.
 Mrs.HookStrike's only other client.
 FreddieBestiguiTansy's husband. A film producer.
 VivianCranfieldHigson's neighbor.
 MarleneHigsonLula's biological mother.
5JonnyRokebyStrike's father. A rock and roll hall of famer. Aka: Jonathan Leonard Rokeby.
 DavidCarrJonny's new guitarist.
 ShirleyMullensJonny's 1st wife.
 Maimie A model and actress. Jonny and Shirley's daughter.
 CarlaAstolfiJonny's 2nd wife. A human rights activist.
 GabriellaRokebyJonny and Carla's daughter.
 DaniellaRokebyJonny and Carla's daughter.
 JennyGrahamJonny's 3rd wife.
 EdwardRokebyJonny and Jenny's son.
 AlRokebyJonny and Jenny's son.
 PrudenceDonleavyJonny and Lindsey's daughter.
 LindseyFanthropePrudence's mother.
 LedaStrikeStrike's mother.
 Valerie Mr. Hook's alleged mistress.
 Joan Strike's aunt.
6Lucy Strike's half-sister.
 Shumba Leda's boyfriend.
 Ted Joan's husband. Strike's uncle.
 KieranKolovas-JonesLula's regular driver.
 Jason Derrick's nephew.
 Mick Lula's driver the night she died.
 CollineMcLeodDerrick's colleague.
 IanRobsonDerrick's colleague.
 Lechsinka One of the cleaners.
8Greg Lucy's husband.
9TonyLandryJohn and Lula's uncle.
 RochelleOnifadeLula's friend.
 Carrianne Rochelle's acquaintance.
 Janine Carrianne's friend.
10NigelClementsDuffield's agent.
 LiamYatesA police informant.
 BrettFearneyThe man who beat up Shona's sister.
 Whycliff Duffield's dealer.
11Gabi The legitimate child of Jonny.
 Dannie The legitimate child of Jonny.
 UrsulaMayTansy's sister.
 CyprianMayUrsula's husband.
 LinseyParrTansy's gym mates.
 DickieCarburyFreddie's friend.
 BryonyRadfordLula's friend. A makeup artist.
 ConwayOatesAn American financier.
   Part 3
2Rick Lucy's father.
 Tracey Strike's former girlfriend.
4BrianMathersStrike's former client.
 Maggie A friend of Brian's wife.
7Spanner Strike's friend.
 Nick One of Strike's friends.
 Ilsa One of Strike's friends.
 JagoRossCharlotte's fiancé.
   Part 4
1Trudie Guy Some's secretary.
 Elsa One of Guy Some's assistants.
 Viktor Guy Some's cat.
 Rolf Guy Some's cat.
2J.PAgyemanThe Emeritus Professor of African politics.
4Dez Marlene's boyfriend.
 Joe Lula's alleged father.
10GaryTopleyA sergeant. Strike's companion.
 Melanie The shop assistant.
11GrahamHardacreStrike's lieutenant and companion. Aka: Oggy.
12Elena Freddie's secretary.
13Winfred Rochelle's aunt.
14Mary Mrs. Bristow's maid.
 JonahAgyemanLula's real brother.
The Cuckoo's Calling suggested by Terry Harvey & Elizabeth Robinson