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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1Dog Walt's dog.
 Faulkner One of the railroad engineers.
 Mike NiallAn old rancher.
 Pat Bar owner.
 Cady Walt's daughter.
 VictoriaMorettiAbsaroka County undersheriff. Aka: Vic.
 MaryBarsadPrimary suspect in Wade Barsad's murder.
 SandySandbergCampbell County sheriff.
 Walter LongmireAbsaroka County sheriff. Aka: Walt.
 KyleStraubProsecuting attorney.
 Cato Cheyenne elder.
 LucianConnallyFormer sheriff of Absaroka County.
 ErnieBrownEditor in chief of the Durant Courant.
 Ruby Absaroka County dispatcher.
 HenryStanding BearWalt's friend.
 DorothyCaldwellBusy Bee CafĂ© owner.
 BillNolanWalt's former schoolmate.
 WadeBarsadMary's husband.
 Benjamin Juana's son.
 EricBossRuns Boss Insurance.
2CliffClyWorked for Wade.
 HershelVanskikeWorked for the Barsads.
 T. J. SherwinHead of the DCI investigators.
3Black DiamondWahoo SueMary Barsad's horse.
 Michael Vic's brother.
 Alphonse Vic's uncle.
 IsaacBloomfieldTown doctor.
4WillisBarneckeOne of Wade Barsad's former names. Aka: Canary.
 JoeyVenutoBarnecke's boss. Aka: Suits.
 WallaceBalentineOne of Wade Barsad's former names.
  SaizarbitoriaOne of Walt's deputies.
 DoubleToughOne of Walt's deputies.
 Chuck FrymireOne of Walt's deputies.
  BasquoOne of Walt's deputies.
  SanchoOne of Walt's deputies.
 Marie Sancho's wife.
 JoeMeyerAttorney General.
 Mary Joe's wife.
5SteveLawrenceRadio DJ.
 Rose Cly's girl.
 Wiggle Rose's unborn child's name.
6Sidney Owner of the Powder River Red Crown Service Station.
 WendellBarneckeWade's brother.
 SheldonSiegelWendell's lawyer.
7VirgilWhite BuffaloFormer inmate.
 SteveMillerThe telephone man.
 Jessie Steve Miller's daughter.
 Rezdawg Henry Standing Bear's truck.
8Martha Walt's late wife.
 TomGronebergWalt's tenant.
 Carter Tom Groneberg's son.
 Jennifer Tom Groneberg's wife.
 ThomasWolfeAmerican novelist.
9Buster A black bear.
 GaryHasbroukHenry's opponent.
 D. J.SorensonCly's first opponent.
 KenColboCly's second opponent.
10JohnBoertleinOne of the men from Chicago.
 BudArdaryOne of the men from Chicago.
 Janine Dr. Bloomfield's nurse.
 MariBarojaLucian Connally's late ex-wife.
 Lana Mari's granddaughter.
12DenaMany CampsOne of the Cheyenne people.
13John J.AudubonAmerican ornithologist, naturalist, and painter.
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