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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part One Midnight Men
1ReneeBallardA detective with the Hollywood Division of the LAPD.
 LisaMooreA detective of the Hollywood Division Sexual Assault Unit.
2GeorgeFloydAn African American man who was a victim of police violence.
  SmallwoodOne of P2s team.
  VitelloOne of P2s team.
3MarionMorrisonKnown as John Wayne was an American actor.
 GeneAutryAn American actor.
 DaveByronA sergeant.
 JavierRaffaThe owner of an auto tow yard. aka: El Chopo.
  FinleyOne of Homicide investigators.
  WattsOne of Homicide investigators.
 VictorRodriguezBallad's translator.
 Derek R.ReynoldsThe OIC of Hollywood detectives.
5KyleDallasA watch officer.
 Cordero A gang cop. aka: Cordo.
 Janzen Cordero's partner.
 RickDavenportA sergeant.
 Gabriel Javier's son.
 LaraRosasGabriel's girlfriend.
6TomNewsomeA dayside Crimes Against Persons detective.
 VinScullyAn American sportscaster.
 RogerMillsJavier Raffa's lawyer.
 HumbertoVieraJavier Raffa's acquaintance.
7AnthonyManzanoA criminalist.
 MitchElderA firearm caretaker.
 LieutenantFuentesWorked at the West Bureau.
 AlbertLeeA small-business owner.
 HarryBoschLAPD Homicide detective.
8MickeyHallerA defense lawyer.
 FinbarMcShaneBosch's acquaintance.
 John WilliamJamesA dentist.
 EddieHarrisAn American jazz musician.
 LesMcCannAn American musician.
 JohnLegendAn American singer, songwriter, pianist, and record producer.
9Nate Ballard's neighbor.
 Robert Nate's partner.
  McGeePolice officer.
  BlackPolice officer.
 CynthiaCarpenterA manager of the Native Bean coffee shop. aka: Cindy.
 Sandra A receiving nurse.
 MarthaFallonCindy's doctor.
 HenrikBastinA retired LAPD officer.
10AlafairBurkeAn American novelist and legal scholar.
 StephChaA Korean-American writer, editor and critic.
 IvyPochodaAn American novelist and squash player.
 Lacey An employee at the Native Bean coffee shop.
 ReginaldCarpenterCindy's ex-husband. aka: Reggie.
 BobGroganA legend in RHD.
11Reno A forensic tech.
12RodneySpellmanA sergeant who handled the roll call.
 RoninClarkeA detective with the Sexual Assault Unit.
 DarcyO'BrienAn American writer.
13DanteRiveraA watch lieutenant.
 RobertaKleinA raped case first victim. aka: Bobbi.
 EvelynEdwardsCindy's attorney.
 AngelaAshburnA raped case second victim.
14MitchellCarrAn interior designer.
 Frederic A n old man's dog.
 JackJerseyThe chairman of the street-lightning committee.
15 La CastroOne of a young men who is newly assigned to Hollywood.
  VernonOne of a young men who is newly assigned to Hollywood.
 JimiHendrixAn American guitarist, singer and songwriter.
 Lola Ballard's dog.
 Pinto A Chihuahua.
16Maddie Bosch's daughter.
 DennisHoyleA dentist.
 JasonAbbottOne of the dentists who owned the Crown Labs Incorporated.
 CarlosEsquivelOne of the dentists who owned the Crown Labs Incorporated.
 JenniferJamesVice-president of JWJ Ventures.
17MarkPelegrinoCarlos Esquivel's acquaintance.
 TedLarkinWorked at Homicide Unit, Pacific Division.
  FarleyA recruit of the academy.
19SandroPuigA watch commander.
 CharaPaithoonA female officer.
 GarrettSingleA med tech.
21Josefina Gabriel's mother.
 DarioCalventeJavier's lawyer.
 SidneyLumetAmerican director, producer and screenwriter.
 PaulNewmanAn American actor and film director.
22MatthewNuemayerLisa Moore's immediate supervisor.
24Gene Darla's husband.
 Darla An informant.
 ChristopherBonnerA retired detective as first grade in Hollywood detectives.
 VinDieselAn American actor, producer, director, screenwriter and stuntman.
25Anne-MarieBonnerA female cop.
 Horatio Jr. A retired cop in 2002.
 Daisy A woman who worked from Wags and Walks.
 SofiaNavarroHumberto Viero's girlfriend. Darla's real name.
 JulioSanzA member of the White Fence street gang.
26CarlSchaefferA yard supervisor.
 StevenZvaderA deputy medical examiner.
 RossBethanyA detective who would take Ballard's post.
28AbigailCenaA complainant about the streetlights.
 DeniseKirkwoodRoss Bethany's partner.
   Part Two Use of Force
30GeraldSandersonThe officer in charge of the Force Investigation Division
 DuaneHammelA detective. Sanderson's deputy.
   Part Three The Insurrection
37JimLawsonA Union officer.
 DanielDalyHoyle's lawyer.
38ToddPenningtonUSC crime sociologist.
39JohnWelborneA publisher, editor and reporter.
 Martha John Welborne's wife.
 HannahStovallMartha's friend.
41GilbertDenningHannah's ex-boyfriend.
 TrevorNoahA reporter.
43Stewart One of the midnight men.
 Brian Stewart's partner.
44LindaBoswellBallard's attorney from the Police Protective League.
 DavidDupreeA member of the investigation committee.
46HarryHoudiniHungarian-American escape artist, magic man, stunt performer.
EpiMarvinGayeAn American singer and songwriter.
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