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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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ProHannah  The young girl with retinitis pigmentosa.
 BJ  Bully.
 BG  Bully.
 RJ  Bully.
 Lela FalconProtagonist. Hannah's aunt. A writer in The Oregonian.
1Alderman R. DahmWorks in a publishing company.
 Jeremy TuskCelebrity serial killer.
 Josh  Acne-scarred kid. An intern in The Oregonian.
 Singular  Josh's hacker buddy.
 Brandon  An editor in The Oregonian.
 Cheryl FalconLela's sister.
 Hemingway  Lela's dog.
 Lump  Man full of warts. Lela's source for articles. Street preacher.
 Eugene  Construction worker.
 Lewis  Archaeologist.
 Clark  Archaeologist.
2Cheston  Owner of Neighbor-Spying TOR website.
 Cloven  Programmer - wants to work for Cheston and Spying Website.
 Carrie WunderlichA sexy massage therapist.
 Derek  Owner of computer parts shop.
 Mike JuniperOwner of the Weary Traveller. aka: Timothy Milton.
    Weary Traveller - place for people who don't have shelter or food.
 Mitch GundersonWorks at the Weary Traveller.
 Sammy  Scrap collector.
5Meg  A guest at the Weary Traveller.
 Hettie  A guest at the Weary Traveller.
 Jan  A guest at the Weary Traveller.
6Sarin  The immortal old lady who used to be trapped in a blood bank.
7Marco  Bully who punched Juniper when they were kids.
 Mr. MeowOld navy man.
 Babs  Owner of an underground club.
8Daniel  An owlish man with a bald head.
    The Rue - Place of summoning.
 Steve  Security guard.
13Joe  Cheryl's ex-husband.
 Katherine ProphetLeader of The Light of The World.
    The Light of The World - A cult.
14Bob  The guy who's in the article Lela wrote.
 Samuel FrommThe man who built the Rue.
 Aleister CrowleyOwner of large occult writings. Self-proclaimed wickedest man.
17Donna  Lela's one of her elderly shut-ins.
18Jimmy PagePurchased Aleister's home. Presently owns an occult.
21Alastor  The red priest.
22Theo AyalaA trucker.
 Stephen VosJackie's fiance.
 Jackie EastmanStephen's fiance.
 Uncle MiltonPervy uncle.
 Todd  The driver.
EpiAbed  The guy Lela met at the airport.
 John SlaterA former Marine. aka: Wisam.