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Kristian Fabricante
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 LouvreAbu DhabiThe buyer of Leonardo Da Vinci's Salvador Mundi.
 TadSmithPresident and CEO of Sotheby's.
 DanLoebAn activist inventor.
   Christie's New York - The Biggest Auction House in New York.
 AmyCappellazoChristie's former contemporary art rainmaker.
 AllanSchwartzmanChristie's art advisor.
 MarcPorterChristie's chairman.
 MelanieCloreOne of the Sotheby's veteran.
 HenryWyndhamOne of the Sotheby's veteran.
 CheyenneWestphalThe head of Contemporary Art at Sotheby's.
 JuliaPeyton-JonesFormer co-director of the Serpentine Gallery.
   Galerie Thaddeus Ropac - Thaddeus Ropac's Galerie.
 PhillipeDe MontebelloAn ex-director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.
   Taikang Life Insurance - Bought 13.8% of Sotheby's share.
 ChenDongshengFounded China's second biggest auction house. Runs Taikang.
 ChristyMacLearThe Rauschenberg Foundation's Chief Executive.
 GeorgeClooneyAn American actor.
 YayoiKusamaA Japanese artist.
 AlexKatzAn artist.
 JeffKoonAn American artist who tops the market.
 DamienHurstAn artist.
 EtienneSchneiderThe Luxembourg politician.
 YvesBouvierA Swiss businessman. The main investor of the Freeport King.
 NicolasMackelCEO of Luxembourg for finance.
 DmitryRybolovlevA Russian billionaire. Yves's former client.
   Part 1
1StephanieCustotAn art dealer and gallerist.
 ZhangHuanOwner of a studio Georgina visited.
 ZhangXiaogangA contemporary Chinese symbolist and surrealist painter.
 SterlingRubyCalifornian owner of an art studio in L.A.
 RafSimonsFashion designer.
 UrsulaPaseroAn author.
 MartaGnypAn art historian.
 ChristianViveros-FauneNew York-based journalist.
 MartinWarnkeA German art historian.
 AndyWarholAn American artist.
 ChristianZervosA French art historian.
 AdamShefferA New York dealer.
 VanessaCarlosA London dealer.
 WadeGuytonAn American post-conceptual artist.
 SimonDe PuryAn auctioneer.
 IbrahimMahamaA Ghanian artist.
 JonathanEllis KingA Dublin art dealer.
 StefanSimchowitzAn art speculator.
 DylanAtkinsA fabricator.
 AnselmReyleA German artist.
 FrancoisPinaultChristie's auction house owner.
 ElaineSturtevantAn American artist.
 TomChristophersonThe head of art and law studies at Sotheby's Institute.
 DanielMcCleanAn art lawyer.
 PeterKlasenA photgrapher.
 FelixSalmonA financial blogger.
 AlainServaisAn art collector.
 TonyHarrisonAn art collector.
 SpruthMagersAn artist's dealer.
 Kosuth An artist.
 VictorVasarelyToast of the French establishment in 1970s. Op-art artist.
 BridgetKellyAn op-art artist.
 BernardBuffetThe painter of "Spiky Clowns" faces.
 PhilipHookSotheby's impressionist and modern art specialist.
 PabloRuiz-PicassoThe most popular artist in the world.
2GregHiltyThe curatorial director at Lisson Gallery.
 ZhouTiehaiThe creator of an art fair in West Bund.
 BudiTekA man who funded the Yuz Museum.
 LiuYiqianOwner of an art museum. A former taxi driver.
 WangWeiLiu's wife.
 QiaoZhibingA contemporary art collector and owner of a club.
 FangShizhongWest Bund's district director.
 PearlLamThe Hong Kong and Shanghai art collector and dealer.
 MadeleineO'deaThe author of the book called "The Phoenix Years".
 LisaMoviusA long-time Hong Kong resident.
 AdrianChengA young billionaire. The creator of K11 art malls in China.
   Chow Tai Fook - The world's biggest jeweller.
   ICA - Institute of Contemporart Arts.
 DouglasKotwallAdrian Cheng's spokeperson.
 YanLugenA real estate magnate in Nanjing.
 PhilipDoddThe British cultural entrepreneur, curator, and broadcaster.
 JoeBurnsManaging director of Oliver Burns.
 OliverBurnsAn English interior designer from London.
   Part 2
3EdwardDolmanCEO of Phillips.
 AlmineRechAn art dealer.
 GeorgesRechAlmine's mother. A parisian art aristocracy.
 BernardRuiz-PicassoGeorges's third husband.
 StefanEdlisOne of the major art collectors.
 GaelNeesonOne of the major art collectors.
 PeterBrantAn industrialist and publisher.
 DakisJoannouA Greek collector.
 SteveCohenThe hedge funder.
 YusakuMaezawaThe Japanese fashion magnate.
 Marie-ThereseWalterPicasso's mistress.
 MayaW. PicassoMarie-Therese and Picasso's daughter.
 LarryGagosianOwner of Gagosian Gallery.
 LeonBlackLarry's client. An art collector.
 GuyBennettA former Christie's specialist.
 Sheikh JassimB. Aziz Al ThaniA man to whom Maya sold her father's painting.
 SheikhaMayassaQataru's wife. An active art buyer.
 Sheikh HamadAl ThaniSheikh Jassim's father.
 RudolfStaechelinA Swiss businessman.
 WilliamPowhidaThe New York artist.
4ClaudiaAndrieuThe legal advisor of the Picasso administration.
 JamesButterwickRussian art specialist and dealer.
 AliceHerrickThe owner of Herrick Gallery.
 FrancisBaconOne of the greatest British artists in the 20th century.
 CristianoL.RavarinoEstablished the Francis Bacon collection of drawings.
 MartinHarrisonMan who accused Cristiano that his collections are fake.
 MichaelPeppiattFrancis Bacon's biographer.
 DavidEdwardsA man Francis Bacon left all his work to when he died.
 JohnEdwardsDavid's brother.
 GerhardRichterA German painter.
 CadyNolandAn artist.
 ScottMuellerThe purchaser of Log Cabin.
   VARA - Visual Artists Rights Act.
 Pierre-AugusteRenoirA French painter.
 PaulRenoirPierre's son.
 Jean E.RenoirPaul's son.
 LygiaClarkBrazil's most expensive artist.
 DinaViernyWidow of Aristide Maillol.
 AristideMaillolA sculptor.
 UrselBergerAn art historian.
 CesarBaldacinniA French sculptor.
 RalphLernerProminent art lawyer sued by Cy Twimbly Foundation.
 ThomasSalidaCy Twimbly Foundation's treasurer.
 DarylPottorfThe former Cy Twimbly Foundation Director.
 RichardCalvocoressiThe former director of Henry Moore Foundation.
 MarcRestelinniA Modigliani scholar.
 ArnerGlimcherAn art dealer. The founder of Pace Gallery.
 GregoryHedbergThe director of European Art at Hirschl&Adler Galleries.
 WalterMaibaumGregory's business partner.
 GaryTinterowThe director of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.
 ArthurBealeChairman dept. of conservation at Museum of Fine Arts.
 Guy Stair-SaintyAn art dealer.
 NoahCharneyAuthor of the Art of Forgery.
5MarkJonesFormer director of the Victoria and Albert Museum.
 WolfgangBeltracchiA German art faker.
 HeleBeltracchiWolfgang's wife.
 WerenerSpiesThe influential art historian.
 DanielFilipacchiA French publisher.
 AndreaFirmenichAn art historian.
 ArneBirkenstockThe producer of Beltracchi The Art of Forgery in 2007.
 TimHunterOwner of an art firm called "Falcon Fine Art".
 AnnFreedmanFormer Pres. American Abstract Expressionist Movement.
 GlafiraRosalesA Long Island art dealer.
 RobertMotherwellAn artist.
 PierreLaGrangeA London-based hedge funder.
 DomenicoDe SoleFormer Gucci President.
 Pei-ShenQianA Chinese painter.
 MarkRothkoAn artist.
 Jose CarlosB. DiazGlafira's partner.
 Jesus AngelBergantinosJose Carlos's brother.
   RICO - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.
 EleanoreDe SoleDomenico's wife.
 StephenPolcariAn art historian.
 OliverWickRothko's scholar.
 FrankFertitta IIIA Las Vegas casino owner.
 EykynMacLeanA London art dealer.
 DavidBaumWick's lawyer.
 Alexandre JeanOppernordtA cabinet maker.
 LaurentKraemerA Parisian dealer.
 MarkWeissA London art dealer.
 MeridithSavonaFBI detective investigates art with the major theft squad.
   IFAR - International Foundation for Art Research.
 SharonFlescherIFAR's executive director.
 EricSpoutzAn art dealer who was sentenced to prison for forgeries.
 Henry HowardSneydSotheby's specialist.
 JohnMyattA British painter.
 NicolasEastaughAn author.
 DonHrycykA famed "Art Cop". Man who runs the LAPD art theft detail.
6AbyRosenA real estate tycoon.
 StefanSimchowitzAn art investor and collector.
 SimonHornbyThe Crozier's President.
 BalthazarGerbierAdviser of George Villiers.
 GeorgeVilliersDuke of Buckingham.
 Adriano P.Di TorcelloDeloitte Luxembourg's advisory and consulting director.
 AndersPettersonFounder of the ArtTactic.
   AUM - Assets Under Management.
   FAF - Fine Art Group.
 BruceTaubFernwood Art Investment's CEO.
 Matthew DayJacksonAn American artist.
 EddiePeakeA British artist.
 Tim ScheneiderA Los Angeles-based writer and blogger.
 MarkZuckerbergOwner and CEO of Facebook.
   UH-NWIs - Ultra High Net Worth Individuals.
 SuzanneGyorgyCiti Private Bank's Global Head of Art advisory.
   UCC - Uniform Commercial Code.
 GerardLheritierAristophil's high-profile founder.
7ThaddeusRopacA Gallerist.
 RosiRiedlAustralian former model.
   COINs - Collectors Only In Name.
 ToddLevinAn art advisor.
 JerrySaltzAn art critic.
 BertKreukAn entrepreneur and art collector.
 DahnVoThe Danish-Vietnamese artist.
 IsabellaBortolozziDanh Vo's dealer.
 CorneliaGrassiAn English dealer.
 WalterRobinsonA veteran artist and journalist.
 LucienSmithArtist who finds way to paint out a fire extinguisher.
 VanessaCarlosOscar Murillo's dealer.
 CarlosRiveraBecame an art dealer.
 Njideka AkunyiliCrosbyA Nigerian-American artist.
 VictoriaMiroNjideka's art dealer.
 MiekeMarpleA Los Angeles art dealer.
8OrrinHatchChairman of the U.S. Senate Finance Committee.
 JussiPylkkanenChristie's auction house President.
 GuillaumeCeruttiChristie's CEO.
   NLC - Natural Le Coultre.
 TaniaRappoThe wife of Rybolovlev's dentist.
 ElenaRappoTania's wife.
 AndreChenueA man who bought NLC.
 Jean-MarcPerettuA man Bouvier helped to open his own art gallery.
 EkaterinaRybolovlevMr. Rybolovlev's daughter.
   La Belle Epoque - One of the most expensive residences in the world.
 LilySafraA Russian Billionaire who owned La Belle Epoque.
 JacquelineRoquePicasso's second wife.
 CatherineHutinblayPicasso's artist step-daughter.
 TetianaBershedaRybolovlev's close friend. A Russian lawyer.
 PhillippeNarminoThe minister of justice.
 DaniellaLuxembourgA London art dealer.
 SimonDickinsonAn old master specialist.
 MichaelSchulhofAn American art collector.
   IAC - International Art Center.
 DavidNahmadOwner of the Panama Papers.
   ICIJ - International Consotium of Investigative Journalist.
 DavidArendtFormer CEO of the Luxembourg Freeport.
   FTZ - Foreign Trade Zones.
 RobinSymesAntiquities dealer.
 PollyRobinsonExecutive director of Ropac's Gallery in London.
 GuyWildensteinHeir to the Great Daniel Wildenstein.
 Alec Guy's nephew.
 LiovaStepakovaAlec's step-mother.
 DanielWildensteinGuy's father.
 DianaWierbickiThe global head of art law at Withers Bergman.
 LisaSchiffAn art advisor.
 JaysonKleinmanA tax partner at Herrick Feinstein of New York.
 BarrackObamaFormer U.S. President.
 MitchellRalesA Financier who owned the Glenstone Museum in Potomac.
 Emily WeiRalesMitchell's art historian wife.
 EliBroadThe real estate mogul.
 EdytheBroadEli's wife.
 MichaelShvoA real estate developer.
 Fausto MartinDe SanctisA Brazilian lawyer.
 Edemar CidFerreiraA Brazilian banker.
 HellyNahmadAmerican art dealer. Convicted running illegal gambling clubs.
   1MDB - 1Malaysia Development Berhad.
 ClintonHowellThe President of CINOA.
   CINOA - The International Confederation of Art and Antique Dealer's Association.
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