Characters - Alphabetical
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 AbercrombieIn-charge of the detectives.
DonellyAndrewsChurch organist.
Mrs.AndrewsOwner of the guest house. Aka: Mrs. Coffin.
Mr.ApfelManager of the Moorgate branch of ETC.
JasperArpington-DixRichard Owen's acquaintance.
Thomas BeckettVenerated as Saint and martyr by both Catholics and Angelicans.
NapoleonBonaparteFrench statesman.
Mr.BowersInspector Field's old friend.
Mr.CableOne who had a telegram.
JackCallowDavid Gates' friend.
Mrs.CarmichaelReverend's wife.
JamesClarkQueen Victoria's personal physician.
ArtemusCobbReal name of Decimus Cobb.
 CrawleyJunior constable.
JosephDalton HookerBotanist. Darwin's closest friend.
Charles RobertDarwinEnglish naturalist, known for his contributions to science evolutions
EmmaDarwinCharles Darwin's wife.
WillieDarwinCharles Darwin's son.
MajorDavenantHead groom.
CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
CharlesDodgsonMathematics' lecturer. Pen name: Lewis Carroll.
MaryDo-NotKitchen maid.
FrancisDrakeNaval officer and explorer.
 DraperProfessor from New York University.
HoraceDugdaleOne of the member of the Royal households.
AugustusEggArtist. Charles Dickens' close friend.
FriedrichEngelMarx's friend.
MollyEnglishLondon born migrated to Hamburg.
HenryFawcettCambridge's economist.
Charles F.FieldChief Detective and Inspector. Aka: Mr. Bucket.
JaneFieldInspector Field's wife.
JakeFiggesTom Ginty's master.
RobertFitzRoyFormer captain of HMS Beagle.
Prince FrederickCrown Prince. Princess Victoria's husband. Aka: Fritz.
GalileoGalileiItalian astronomer.
DavidGatesOne of Bishop's udergraduates.
Mr.GatesDavid Gates' father.
JohnGetalongOne of Decimus' households.
MarthaGintyTom Ginty's mother.
TomGintyButcher's apprentice.
MickieGoodfellowLandlord of the saloon bar.
Mr.HamletOne of Decimus' households.
Mrs.HamletOne of Decimus' households.
John StevensHenslowDarwin's old mentor from Cambridge.
HenriettaHuxleyThomas Huxley's wife.
ThomasHuxleyCharles Darwin's acquaintance.
FranzJosephEmperor. Prince Frederick's father.
Joseph JuliusKanneQuenn's travel arranger.
JosiahKilbertPolice Constable.
DieterKlimtGerman Police.
HenryLiddellDean of the Great Hall of Christ Church College.
SamLlewellynPolice Constable.
Theresa C.LouiseQueen Consort of Bavaria.
MartinLutherGerman professor of Theology.
LadyLyttonLord Lytton's wife.
LordLyttonEnglish statesman. Conservative politician.
KarlMarxOne of the suspects.
RichardMayneCommisioner. One of the member of the Royal households.
Mr.McBrideTurned out to be the manager of Mayfair church.
RichardOwenProfessor of Anatomy, one of the principal natural historian.
SteviePatchenPickpocket and occasional purveyor.
Mr.PealeOld constable.
RobertPeelFirst Commisioner of the Metropolitan Police Force.
ProfessorPerkinsSecretary of the British Association.
HenryPonsonbyQuenn's private secretary.
Philip DavidRendellPrisoner.
WilliamShakespeareEnglish poet.
BessieShorehamServing girl.
PeterSimsLlewellyn's friend.
WillTailorDecimus Cobb's name as a boy.
Mrs.ThomasWithers' first household.
Princess VictoriaPrince Albert and Queen Victoria's first born and favorite child.
ThomasWakeleyChief coroner.
Mr.WellsGoodfellow's acquaintance.
SamuelWilberforceBishop of Oxford.
WilliamWilberforceBishop's son.
MaryWithersReal name of Mary Do-Not.
Adolf Old bishop.
Albert Prince of Wales. Queen Victoria's eldest boy. Aka: Bertie.
Alexandrine Duke Ernest's wife.
Annie Charles Darwin's daughter.
Archimedes Greek Mathematician.
Belinda Young household. Aka: Blinky.
Button Small boy along the River Thames.
Charles ll King of England.
Cook Kitchen maid.
Dickens Head butler.
Erasmus Darwin's brother.
Ernest Duke of Saxe - Coburg and Gotha. Prince Albert's brother.
Harris Queen's acquaintance.
Jenny Marx's wife.
Julie Brown mare.
Lenchen Marx's maid.
Leopold King of the Belgians, Queen's uncle.
Lily 1 Tom Ginty's sister.
Lily 2 Tom's horse.
Marie Dowager Duchess. Prince Albert's stepmother.
Noel Thomas and Henrietta's first born.
Philip King Duke of Edinburg. Husband of Queen Elizabeth ll of UK.
Prince Albert Prince Consort of the United Kingdom.
Princess Alice Grand Duchess of Hesse.
Queen Victoria Queen of the United Kingdom.
Rebecca David Gates' younger sister. aka: Becca.
Sister Claire Nurse.
Smuts Human fence post. Aka: Bulldog.
Suzette Queen's horse.
Willette Young sergeant of the Thames Valley Policeman Constabulary.
Willie Witness.