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Characters By Chapter
Elizabeth Robinson
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1Alexandra CooperAssist. D.A., NY City, heads sex crimes unit; Aka Coop, Alex
 Lola DakotaKing's College (Columbia U.) political science professor, abused wife, led project to excavate Roosevelt Island site
 Mike ChapmanHomicide detective working with Alex Cooper
 Paul BattagliaNY District Attorney
 Ivan KralovicLola Dakota's husband, involved in shady financial dealings
 Jake TylerNBC news correspondent dating Alex
2Lily PompianLola Dakota's sister, lives in NJ
 Benjamin CooperAlex's father, cardiac surgeon
 Mercer WallaceHomicide detective on sick leave, Chapman's former partner
 Lieut. Leo PetersonPolice lieutenant, Chapman's superior
 Hector CorradoHomicide Squad police officer on duty at Dakota's apt. building
 Vinny SinnelesiNew Jersey prosecutor who planned the "sting" to get Ivan
3George ZotosPolice officer on Chapman's team searching Lola's apartment
 Jimmy BoyleHead of the "cybercop" detective squad
 Sylvia FooteGeneral counsel of King's College
4Pat McKinneyDeputy chief of the DA's trial division, Alex's supervisor
 Laura Alex's secretary
 Rose MaloneDA Battaglia's executive assistant
 Jody SoellnerLawyer in Alex's office
 Maxine Alex's paralegal
 Dr. KestenbaumNY Coroner
5Mickey DiamondNY Post reporter
 Paolo RecantatiActing president of King's College, formerly at Princeton U.
 Frankie ShaysonHead of Security at King's College, former detective
 Marty HunDetective in the Homicide Squad; aka Attila
 Charlotte VoightStudent whose photo was posted in Dakota's office, missing from New York since the previous spring
6Det. Hal ShermanOfficer with the Crime Scene Unit
 Ryan BlackmerLawyer at the Early Case Assessment Bureau (ECAB)
 Chief AlleeChief of Police, NYPD
 Patti RinaldiAssistant NY DA
7William & Elsa Alex's ballet instructor & hairdresser
 Neil PompianLily's husband, Lola Dakota's brother-in-law
 Anne ReiningerNew Jersey prosecutor handling Lola's case against Ivan
7CecileDakotaLola's mother, former Broadway showgirl, aka Ceci
8Vickee EatonDetective 2nd grade, office of deputy commissioner for public information, former and future wife of Mercer Wallace
 Spencer WallaceMercer's widowed father
9Joan RyanCounselor at Witness Aid Unit of NY DA's office
 Shirley DanzigVictim of an alleged attack, being counseled by Joan Ryan
 Ned TacchiDetective in the Special Victims Unit of NYPD
 Joan StaffordClose friend of Alex
 Julian GarianoStudent at King's College, suicide, campus drug dealer, lived with Charlotte Voight (missing student) the previous year
10Joe Roman Detective in NYPD branch in Alex's office building
 Howard Kramer Litigator, managing partner at Sullivan & Cromwell
 NanRothschildKramer's wife, ballet friend of Alex, prominent urban anthropologist, worked on a project at King's College with Lola
 Winston ShreveHead of King's College anthropology dept., invited Rothschild to lead a student project at the Octagon Tower
 Octagon Tower NYC's first lunatic asylum, on Roosevelt Island in the East River
 Ellen GunsherLawyer on McKinney's staff
 Pedro de JesusLawyer on McKinney's staff
 Judge Frances ZavinJudge
 Harold SuggsAccused sex offender
 Bobby AbramsonDefense lawyer for Suggs
 Dr. HoppinsPsychologist with the Modality Alteration Center (MAC) in NYC
11David FillianStreet kid drug dealer in jail for assault, might have informa-tion about King's College professor selling drugs
 Gloria ReitmanLaw student at Columbia University, former student of Lola's
 Skip LockhartProfessor of American History at King's College,
 Kristin BaymerKing's College student, friend of Charlotte Voight
12Thomas GrenierHead of the biology department at King's College
13Bob ThalerChief serologist in the crime lab
15Dr. Claude LaveryAnthropology professor recruited to King's from John Jay
 Jesse Downstairs neighbor of Alex in her apartment building
 Catherine DashferAssistant DA, one of Alex's work colleagues
 Chester RubieraMental patient being held in Bird S. Coler hospital on Roose-velt Island, assaulted another patient
16Bartholomew FrankelExecutive assistant district attorney to Sinnelesi in NJ
18Teague RynerDetective in the Special Victims Unit
 Corinne Young woman claiming assault
19Sandie HerronPhysician at Bird Coler Psychiatric hospital
 Tina Developmentally disabled psychiatric patient who was assaulted at Coler
 Bentley VexterJudge hearing Tina's case
20Bo DietlPrivate investigator, former NYPD detective
21Orlyn LockhartSkip Lockhart's grandfather, former lawyer, helped shut down the corrupt prison operation on Roosevelt Island
 Austin MacCormickFormer Commissioner of the NY Dept. of Corrections
 Dutch SchultzCriminal in NYC, imprisoned in the penitentiary
 JosephReggioCriminal in NYC, imprisoned in the penitentiary but lived in luxury & ran drug operations there
 Edward ClearyCriminal in NYC, imprisoned in the penitentiary but lived in luxury & ran drug operations there
 Freeland JenningsIncarcerated at the penitentiary for murdering his wife, killed in the raid that shut down criminal operations there
23Tony ParisiDetective in Sinnelesi's office
28Lieutenant DeGrawDetective at the 19th Precinct
 Lieutenant GrierDetective at the 19th Precinct
 David & Renee MitchellPsychiatrist & his wife who live down the hall from Alex in her apartment building
29Valerie JacobsenArchitect, Mike Chapman's girlfriend
 Juan ModestoAssaulted & raped his girlfriend, Lavinia Cabrinas
 Neal FinkJudge in the Cabrinas/Modesto case
31Efrem ZavislanKing's student who worked with Lola on the excavations