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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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ProCharlesBarrettA minister.
 JamesMcNallyA reverend.
 Mary N. LouiseMcNallyJames McNally's wife. Aka: Nan
 LilyBarrettCharles Barrett's wife.
   Part One 1953-1962
1Eileen A librarian.
 Marilyn Eileen's co-worker.
 Miriam Lily's aunt.
 Richard Miriam's husband.
 Tom AdamsOne of Charles's teachers.
 Ava Lily's mother.
 George Lily's father.
2Ellen Nan's mother.
 Phillip Alice's brother.
 Alice James's mother
 Christian Nan's father's friend.
3FatherMartinA priest.
 Ruth A Biblical figure.
4Bill James's roommate.
 Jeffries Bill's acquaintance.
 EmmelineWatersEnglish department dean's daughter.
 Millie Bill's date.
 Carol Nan's roommate.
5Rosemary Lily's Roommate.
 Noah Biblical figure.
 Cassandra Lily's aunt.
 Henry DavidThoreauAmerican essayist.
6Alfie James' brother.
8Henry James and Nan's landlord.
 Lucinda Henry's wife.
 HaroldEvansA pastor.
 Mrs.EvansHarold's wife.
 Dean James' friend.
9Evelyn Harold Evans' rotating associate.
 Leonora Arthur's wife.
 Arthur A book collector.
 Queen Anne Queen of Great Britain.
   Part Two 1963-1965
10SebastianTaftA minister from Connecticut.
 AlanOxmanChairman of the Search committee.
 BetsyBaileyMember of the Search committee.
 JaneAtlasCharles and James' secretary.
 Harry EmersonFosdickFormer minister of the Third Presbyterian.
11AudreyHepburnBritish actress.
12AdamClaytonOne of the church members.
 DonFergusOne of the church members.
 Dr.RoseA church organist.
 AnneHammetOne of the children's choir.
 TommyAhlersOne of the children's choir.
 BrendaEadsOne of the children's choir.
 Hillary Brenda's sister.
 Peter Tommy Ahlers' brother.
13Mrs.AbbotA church member.
 DavidElliottA new South Wales's minister.
15Cain Biblical figure; son of Adam and Eve.
 Abel Biblical figure; Cain's brother.
 Jacob Biblical figure; son of Isaac and Rebekah.
 Esau Biblical figure; Jacob's brother.
   Part Three 1966-1970
16Malcolm X American minister.
 Martin LutherKing Jr.American minister and activist.
 DennisPriceMarcus' acquaintance.
 Marcus Jane Atlas's replacement.
17Benjamin Charles and Lily's son. Aka: Bip.
 William Benjamin's twin brother.
20MadelineFosterA doctor.
 AnneliseWinnyDr. Foster's student.
 ChrisHemsworthAustralian actor.
 Vera American actress.
21Spook Proposed name of James and Nan's baby if a boy.
 Spookette Proposed name of James and Nan's baby if a girl.
 Moses A prophet.
22Louise James and Nan's daughter.
EpiLaura Bip's wife.
Suggested by Mary Ann Larkin