Characters - Alphabetical
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MaryActonWilliam Acton's wife.
WillianmActonA former butcher now the governor at the Marshallsea.
RalphAndersonA prisoners in the Common Side.
SarahBradshawOwned a coffeehouse in the Marshalsea.
CharlesBuckleyTom's oldest friend.
Mrs.CareyMrs. Bradshaw's acquaintance.
JackCarterOne of the prisoners at Marshallsea.
HenryChapmanA barman in the Marshallsea.
JosephCrossA turnkey at Marshalsea.
 DarbyFormer governor at the Marshallsea.
SamuelFleetTom's roommate.
BenjaminFletcherTom's landlord.
EdwardGilbourneA deputy protonotary of the Marshallsea Court.
JohnGraceMr Acton's clerk.
GilbertHandActon's trusty but also ran errands for prisoners.
ThomasHawkins Jr.The protagonist. aka: Tom.
Rev. ThomasHawkins Sr.Tom Hawkin's father.
Mr.JeningsA night watchman.
MollKingRan a coffeehouse called Moll King's.
Mrs.MackMcDonnell's wife.
RichardMcDonnellRan the chophouse known as Titty Dolls. aka: Mack.
ConstanceMeadowsOne of Sir Philip's daughters.
MaryMeadowsOne of Sir Philip's daughters.
Sir PhilipMeadowsA Knight Marshall and responsible for the Marshalsea.
MadameMigaultA fortune teller. aka: Miggy
HarryMitchellFormer Captain Roberts' servant.
FredOwenAnderson's former ward mate.
MatthewPughA steward.
CatherineRobertsCaptain Roberts' wife.
JohnRobertsJakes' friend.
StephenSiddallAn apothecary.
Mr.SimmonsJohn Roberts' old gambling friend.
LizzieSmithTom's acquaintance.
Mr.SmithFleet's acquaintance.
CatherineSparksMrs. Bradshaw's maid. aka: Kitty.
NathanielSparksKitty's father.
Mrs.SpeedLandlady of the bar.
NemehiahWhittakerA baker.
JamesWilsonMary Acton's father.
Mrs.WilsonMary Acton's mother.
AndrewWoodburnA chaplain.
Benjamin One of Mr. Hand's boys.
Betty A young maid servant.
Edmund Tom's step-brother.
Emma Kitty's mother.
Harry One of the prisoners.
Henry Mr. Acton's son.
Jakes A warrant officer.
James Sam Fleet's half-brother.
Jane Tom's sister.
Jim One of Mr. Hand's boys.
Lady Dorothy Sir Philip's wife.
Matthew Mrs. Roberts' son.
Sam A moon-curser.
Trim A prisoner and acted as the Master's side barber.
Wills One of the turnkeys at the Marshalsea.