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Characters By Chapter
Jeffrey Hale
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1   Aaron   Falk   Melbourne cop who attended best friend's funeral.
    Luke   Hadler   Aaron's best friend.
    Karen   Hadler   Luke's wife.
    Billy   Hadler   Luke's son.
    Gerry   Hadler   Luke's father.
    Charlotte   Hadler   Luke's daughter.
    Barb   Hadler   Luke's mother.
2   Gretchen   Schoner   One of Aaron's old friends.
    Lachlan   Schoner   Gretchen's son. aka: Lachie.
    Mr.   Schoner   Gretchen's father.
    Eleanor   Deacon   One of Aaron's old friends. aka: Ellie.
        Barberis   Greg's predecessor.
    Greg   Raco   Local police Sergeant.
    Craig   Hornby   Gerry's friend.
    Grant   Dow   Ellie's cousin.
5   Patrick   Leigh   Kiewarra's town physician.
    Jamie   Sullivan   Lukes's friend.
6   Evan   Barnes   Police constable.
    Malcolm   Deacon   Ellie's father. aka: Mal.
9   Mrs.   Sullivan   Jamie's grandmother.
11   Scott   Whitlam   School principal.
12   Deborah       Receptionist at the police station.
    Erik   Falk   Aaron's father
17   David   McMurdo   The barman.
19   Mandy   Vaser   Formerly - Mandy Mantel.
    Tim   Vaser   Mandy's husband.
21   Sandra   Whitlam   Scott's wife.
    Danielle       Scott's daughter.
24   Rita   Raco   Greg's wife.
30   Cecilia   Targus   Mal Deacon's lawyer.
31   Andrea       Lachie's baby sitter.
38   Peter   Dunn   Director of Crossley Educational Trust.
42   Sharna   McDonald   Ellie's name when a runaway.