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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1Valentine Mireile's cousin.
 Mireile A young nun novice. Protagonist.
 Count De RemyValentine's grandfather.
 CarolusMagnusThe architect of the building.
 AlexandrineDe ForbinThe mother superior.
 Marie-CharlotteDe CordayA French journalist.
 Mirabeau The great statesman.
 BillOf SeizureThe bishop of Autun.
 KingCharlemagneThe King.
 GarinThe FrankThe best chess player in King Charlemagne's kingdom.
 IbnAl-ArabiThe Muslim governor of Barcelona.
 DukeOf BurgundyThe King's friend.
 Jacques-LouisDavidA painter. Mireile and Valentine's uncle.
 M.David Valentine's godfather. The heart of the chess-board.
2CatherineVelisA computer expert. Protagonist.
 JockUphamThe firm's senior partner.
 Lisle Catherine's colleague.
 CalousteGul-BenkianOne of Velis's workmates.
3LlewellynMarkhamBlanche's brother.
 HarryRadVelis's former client and a close friend.
 BlancheRadHarry's wife.
 LilyRadHarry and Blanche's daughter. A chess grandmaster.
 Saul Harry's driver.
 Mimsy The fortune teller.
4Charles MauriceTalleyrand-PerigoldDavid's friend. The bishop of Autun.
 Duchesse De LuynesOne of David's mistresses.
 Duchesse De Fitz-JamesOne of David's mistresses.
 Vitcomtesse De LavalOne of David's mistresses.
 PrincesDe VaudemontOne of David's mistresses.
 GermaineDe StaelThe Grand Dame of Paris.
 JacquesNeckerGermaine's father. A Swiss finance minister.
 SuzanneNeckerGermaine's mother.
 EricStael Von Hol-SteinGermaine's husband. A baron.
 Courtiade Talleyrand's valet.
 Richelieu The cardinal.
 Francois MarieArouetA French poet and playwright. Aka: Voltaire.
 CatherineThe GreatThe Empress of Russia. Aka: Sophia Anhalt-Zerbst.
5ConEdisonOne of Velis's clients.
 Carioca Lily's pet.
 BobbyFischerA chess grandmaster.
 AlexanderSolarinA chess master. Aka: Alexie.
 AntonyFiskeA big chess player.
 PaulMurphyThe first U.S. chess champion.
 Gogol The arbiter.
6Count PotemkinThe Count of Russia.
 Paul Sophia's son.
 HeleneDe RiqueThe Abbess of Montglane. Sophia's oldest friend.
 PlatoZubovSophia's lover.
 ValerianZubovPlator's brother.
 King FrederickWilliamThe King of Russia.
 CzarinaElizabeth PetrovnaDaughter of Peter The Great.
 Grand DukePeterCzarina's nephew.
 Euler An astronomer and mathematician.
 AnnaIvanovnaIvan's daughter.
 AnnaOf MecklenburgThe former ruler.
 PrinceEdwardHenry III's son.
 Clementh12thThe pope.
 PeterThe GreatSophia's 1st husband.
 Gustavus The King of Sweden.
 PrinceRegentThe Prince of Prussia.
7LadislausNimVelis's friend. A chess master.
 Brodski Solarin's guard.
9Carlos Velis's caretaker.
 Danton The Lion of the assembly.
 SisterClaudeSister Alexandrine's personal secretary.
 CamilleDesmoulinsThe Enfant Célèbre of Paris.
 MaximilienRobespierreThe revolutionary leader.
 AndrePhilidorThe finest chess player in Europe. A composer.
 AbrahamJanssenPhilip Stamna. One of the best chess players.
 Bach The Kapellmeister.
 WilhelmBachBach's son.
 Carl PhillippEmanuel BachWilhelm's brother. Bach's son.
 Jean-JacquesRousseauThe great philosopher.
 MinnieRenselaasNim's acquaintance.
10Mordecai A chess master. Velis's friend.
12Valerie Harry's maid.
13Jean PhillippePetardThe firm's senior partner.
 EmileKamel-KaderThe petroleum minister.
 LeonardoFibonacciAn Italian mathematician.
 R.NElliottA theorist.
 Sharrif Velis's acquaintance.
 Abdel-SalaamBelaidThe minister of industry and energy.
 Dr.OsgoodA tournament physician.
14MadameDe MaintenonConsort of Louis XIV.
 Maria-AnnaBonaparteNapoleon's sister. Aka: Elisa.
 NapoleoneBonaparteThe French soldier that Mireile met.
 PasqualeDi PaoliNapoleon's leader.
 LetiziaRamolinoNapoleon's mother.
 ChretienDe TroyesA French poet.
 CarlosBonaparteNapoleon's father.
 Elissa The sister of King Tyre.
 Maria-Carolina Napoleon's sister.
 FranzFeschLetizia's stepfather.
 Grimm A philosopher.
 Diderot A philosopher.
 JamesBoswellA biographer.
 CharlesThe BaldGrandson of Charlemagne.
 TailleferThe IroncutterThe Hero of the Battle of Hastings.
 HelieTalleyrandCharles's father.
 LouisXVIThe King of France.
 AndreChenierThe poet.
 WilliamWoodsworthA poet. Robespierre's companion.
 WilliamBlakeThe poet who published the French revolution.
 LuccianoBonaparteNapoleon's brother.
 Angela MariaDi Pietra-SantaElisa's grandmother.
15Belaid The minister.
 Mr.PetardVelis's manager.
16Shahin Mireille's guide.
 Daia Goddess of Wells.
 Genet The ambassador.
 Charlot Mireille's son.
 Al-Kalim The man who talks to spirits.
17El-Marad The carpet trader. Kamel Kader's friend.
 MokhfiMokhtarThe owner of the missing chess pieces.
18Wahad The tour guide.
19LauzeDeperretA deputy.
 Charles-JeanMarie-BarbarouxA French politician of the revolutionary period.
 LeonhardEulerThe great mathematician.
 Jean PaulMaratThe physician.
 SimonneEvrardMarat's natural wife.
 Albertine Marat's sister.
 ThereseLevasseurRousseau's mistress.
 GiovanniCasanovaA lawyer.
 LouisQuinzeThe King of France.
 Doge Doge of Venice.
20JohnNewlandThe English chemist.
23Pitt The prime minister.
 BenedictArnoldA revolutionary officer.
24MinisterYaminiThe Saudi minister.
 MuammarKhaddafiThe colonel.
 Yamini The King's minister.
 Valerie Mokthar's child.
 Michel Mokthar's child.
 Renselaas Minnie's husband. The Dutch consul.
25BenjaminFranklinThe founding father of the United States.
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