Characters - Alphabetical
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EustaceAaronA detective.
VanessaAllenGordon Foyle's acquaintance.
GriffBanksHelen Garrick's new acquaintance.
Mr.BellA photographer.
LionelBenedictA detective.
RichardBranchA socialist.
WinstonBrownAn assistant to the police.
 BulmerA detective sergeant.
AndrewCarterHelen Garrick's new acquaintance.
VanessaCarterAndrew Carter's sister.
AliceCavendishMaggie's sister.
Mr.CavendishAlice's father.
Mrs.CavendishAlice's mother.
Michael PercyChristopherA theatrical agent.
LesleyClementsAlice's friend.
 CooperA policeman.
WendyCopelandHelen Garrick's new acquaintance.
BenCrakeViolet's husband.
ProfessorDanielsGrant's colleague.
 DavisA police constable.
DorotheaDicksonLily's grand-aunt. aka: Dot.
Mrs.EpsteinGordon's acquaintance.
GordonFoyleJennifer's admirer.
FrancisGardnerGrant's friend.
HelenGarrickA teacher.
InspectorGoodeLionel's partner.
JuliaHartAn editor of a small publishing house.
Mrs.HashemiDetective Moon's landlady.
GodwinLambA doctor.
DaisyLancasterSymons' wife.
ErickLaurentLionel's new partner.
 LauriceA detective inspector.
VictorLeonidasJulia Hart's employer.
Mr.LouThe restaurant manager.
GrantMcAllisterA professor in mathematics.
JohnMiltonAn English poet.
LionelMoonA detective.
AgnesMortimerLily's grandmother.
Dr.MortimerCavendish's family doctor.
LilyMortimerDr. Lamb's patient.
AndrewPackerA lawyer.
RichardParkerAlice's acquaintance.
Mr.PineLionel's neighbor.
Dr.PurvisLaurent's friend.
AnnabelRichardsA teacher.
WilliamShakespeareAn English playwright, poet, and actor.
Mr.StubbsMrs. Stubbs' husband.
Mrs.StubbsSarah's new acquaintance.
AndrewSullivanAlice's childhood friend.
Mrs.SullivanAndrew Sullivan's mother.
ScarlettThorpeA slattern, accused of seducing a man persuading him to suicide.
ThomasTownsendAn alcoholic who was accused of murdering his wife.
HarryTrainerA playwright.
Mrs.TranterAn old lady who was also attending on the occasion.
ElizabethWhiteAn actor and playwright.
InspectorWildWinston Brown's friend.
Alfred Dr. Lamb's companion.
Bunny Megan and Henry's friend.
Charles A retired army.
Christopher Rose and Maggie's new acquaintance.
Elise A maid.
Hanna The housecleaner.
Henrietta Charles' daughter.
Henry Megan's ex-boyfriend.
Jacob A dog.
James Griff's acquaintance.
Jennifer Vanessa's daughter.
Keller A Hungarian counterfeiter.
Lauren Mathew's wife.
Leonidas One of Julia Hart's cats.
Maggie Rose's friend.
Matthew Lily's uncle.
Megan An actor.
Raymond The gardener.
Rhonda Harry's latest flame.
Rose A girl who is always full of energy.
Sarah Charles' second wife.
Scarlett Griff Banks' partner.
Sofia Mrs. Tranter's companion.
Symons The boat owner.
Unwin Mr. and Mrs. Stubbs' new acquaintance.
Victor One of Julia Hart's cats.
Violet Lily's sister.
William Lily's cousin.