Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1  Crossing to Safety
 WillSchwalbeAn author, entrepreneur, and journalist.
 WallaceStegnerAmerican novelist, short story writer.
2  Appointment in Samara
 KenFollettWelsh author.
 JohnIrvingAmerican-Canadian novelist and screenwriter.
 E. M.ForsterEnglish novelist, short story writer, essayist and librettist.
 Doug Will Schwalbe's brother.
 Nina Will Schwalbe's sister.
 JohnDixonAustralian comic book artist.
 NancyDupreeAmerican historian.
 Ahmad Shah MassoundAfghan politician and military commander.
 IanMcEwanEnglish novelist and screenwriter.
 PeterShafferEnglish playwright and screenwriter.
 Nico Will's mother's oldest grandchild.
 David 1 Will's partner.
 JohnO'HaraAmerican writer.
 Wylie John O'Hara's daughter.
 George W.Bush43rd U.S. President.
 William S.MaughamEnglish playwright, novelist, and short story writer.
 ChristianeAmanpourBritish-Iranian journalist and television host.
 LarryKingAmerican television and radio host.
 W. H.AudenBritish-American poet.
 PieterBruegelAn artist.
3  Seventy Verses on Emptiness
 Sally Nina's partner.
 AkkineniNagarjunaIndian film actor.
 GarethSparhamA scholar and translator in the field of Tibetan Buddhism.
 Dr. EileenO'ReillyAn oncologist.
 RobertoBolañoChilean novelist, short-story writer, poet and essayist.
 MichaelThomasA young writer originally from Boston.
 Rodger Will's family friend.
 Milo One of Will's mother's grandchildren.
 Cy One of Will's mother's grandchildren.
 KhaledHosseiniAmerican novelist and physician.
 SusanHalpernA social worker and psychotherapist.
 RichardMeierAmerican abstract artist and architect.
 DavidHalberstamAmerican writer, journalist, and historian.
 Jean Halberstam's wife.
4  Marjorie Morningstar
 Mary Anne Will Schwalbe's mother.
 Skip Mary Anne's younger brother.
 MildredDunnockA drama teacher. Aka: Millie.
 HermanWoukAmerican author.
 MarjorieMorgensternA New York Jewish girl in the 1930s.
 VarianFry Key figure in the history of the Int'l Rescue Committee.
 BobChapmanA professor.
 F. ScottFitzgeraldAmerican novelist, screenwriter, and short-story writer.
 ZeldaFitzgeraldAmerican novelist, socialite, and painter.
 Scottie F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald's daughter.
 HermanMelvilleAmerican novelist, short story writer and poet.
5  The Hobbit
 MartinScorseseItalian-American film director.
 JuliaChildThe house owner.
 MunroLeafAmerican author of children's literature.
 AdolfHitlerGerman politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
 CrockettJohnsonAmerican cartoonist.
 MauriceSendakAmerican illustrator and writer of children's books.
 IanFlemingEnglish author, journalist.
 Roald DahlBritish novelist, short-story writer, poet, and screenwriter.
 J. R. R.TolkienEnglish writer, poet, philologist, and academic.
 C. S.LewisBritish writer and lay theologian.
 BobDylanAmerican singer-songwriter.
 JohnDenverAmerican singer-songwriter.
 GeorgeBestNorthern Irish professional footballer.
 HaroldPinterBritish playwright, screenwriter, director and actor.
 IreneSelznickAmerican socialite and theatrical producer.
 FreddieBrissonA producer.
 RosalindRussellAn actress. Freddie Brisson's wife.
 ShirleyTempleAmerican actress, singer, dancer.
 Robert F.KennedyFormer United States Attorney General. Aka: Bobby.
 Martin Luther King, Jr.American Christian minister and activist.
 EdwardSteichenAmerican photographer.
 CarlSandburgAmerican poet.
 JohnUpdikeAmerican novelist.
 John F.Kennedy35th U.S. President.
 NgaioMarshNew Zealand writer.
 AgathaChristieEnglish writer.
 Erle Stanley GardnerAmerican lawyer and author.
 LeonUrisAmerican author of historical fiction.
 James A.MichenerAmerican author.
 AleksandrSolzhenitsynRussian novelist,
 Günter GrassGerman novelist, poet, playwright.
 Malcolm X American Muslim minister.
 PaulRevereAmerican silversmith.
 EstherForbesAmerican novelist, historian.
 Henry W.LongfellowAmerican poet and educator.
 AlistairMacLeanScottish novelist.
 Mrs.MurphyMary Anne's acquaintance.
 Surrey A dog.
 PaulJenkinsAmerican abstract expressionist painter.
 David S.RohdeAmerican author and investigative journalist.
 Tom One of Will's friends.
 Andy One of Will's friends.
 HughGrantEnglish actor and film producer.
 JoanDidionAmerican writer.
6  Daily Strength for Daily Needs
 Mary WilderTilestonAn author.
 WilliamLawrenceBishop of Massachusetts.
 JeremyTaylorA cleric in the Church of England.
 BernieSiegalAmerican writer and retired pediatric surgeon.
 CharlieChaplinEnglish comic actor, filmmaker, and composer.
 Marilynne RobinsonAmerican novelist and essayist.
 RohintonMistryCanadian-Indian writer.
 Nancy Will's sister-in-law.
 Siobhan DowdBritish writer and activist.
 AnneLamottAmerican novelist and non-fiction writer.
7  People of the Book
 ThomasMannGerman novelist, short story writer.
 GeraldineBrooksAmerican-Australian journalist and novelist.
 Louisa May AlcottAmerican novelist, short story writer.
 KarenConnellyCanadian travel writer, novelist and poet.
 NicMcGeganBritish harpsichordist, flautist, and conductor.
 HamidKarzaiFormer President of Afghanistan.
 WolfgangMozartA composer.
8  "I Am Sorrow"
 Sister Mater  Nun from Philippines working in refugee camp in Thailand.
 Mang QuanMary Anne's acquaintance.
 Chong ThaoOne of the children in the camp.
 LyKhamMary Anne and Nina's friend.
 SindyCheungOne of the refugees.
9  The Uncommon Reader
 WilliamTrevorIrish novelist, playwright and short story writer.
 DonnaLeonAmerican author.
 DennisLehaneAmerican author.
 ColinCotterillLondon-born teacher, comic book writer and cartoonist.
 AlexanderMcCall SmithBritish writer.
 AlanBennettEnglish actor, author, playwright, and screenwriter.
 Lucy Will's niece.
 Adrian Lucy's brother.
 PippaScottMary Anne's lifelong friend.
 MikhailBaryshnikovRussian-American dancer, choreographer, and actor.
 GelseyKirklandAmerican ballerina.
 JanetSuzmanBritish-South African actress.
 PaulScofieldEnglish actor of stage and screen.
 EdithNesbitEnglish author and poet.
 ArthurRansomeEnglish author and journalist.
 IrisMurdochBritish novelist and philosopher.
10  The Lizard Cage
 ElieWieselAmerican-Romanian writer.
 Ishmael BeahSierra Leonean author and human rights activist.
 Aung San SuuKyiState Counselor of Myanmar.
11  Brat Farrar
 RandyPauschA computer scientist and professor.
 JeffreyZaslowAmerican author and journalist.
 JaneAustenEnglish novelist.
 T. S.EliotA poet, essayist, publisher.
 WallaceStevensAmerican modernist poet.
 ElizabethBishopAmerican poet and short-story writer.
 JacquelneKennedyFormer First Lady of the United States.
 Josephine TeyScottish author.
 Jerome K.JeromeEnglish writer and humorist.
 PatriciaHighsmithAmerican novelist and short story writer.
 ElizabethMacKintoshReal name of Josephine Tey.
12  Continental Drift
 Fred A Presbyterian minister.
 P. G.WodehouseEnglish author.
 LewisCarrollEnglish writer of children's fiction.
 Tennessee WilliamsAmerican playwright.
 Russell BanksAmerican writer of fiction and poetry.
 WilliamGoldingBritish novelist, playwright, and poet.
13  The Painted Veil
 John KermueMary Anne's acquaintance.
 JudyMayotteMary Anne's friend.
14  Murder in the Cathedral
 Jhumpa LahiriAmerican author.
 Henry DavidThoreauAmerican essayist, poet, and philosopher.
 CharlesDickensEnglish writer and social critic.
 ThomasBecketArchbishop of Canterbury.
 Elaine PagelsAmerican religious historian.
 Theresa LangA philanthropist.
 Barack Obama44th U.S. President.
15  Wherever You Go, There You Are
 JonKabat-ZinnAmerican professor emeritus of medicine.
 ThomasMannGerman novelist, short story writer, social critic.
 ClarkGableAmerican film actor.
 LeslieHowardEnglish stage and film actor.
 KristenMulvihillDavid Rohde's wife.
16  Kokoro
 Fabienne Will's brother's first wife.
 NatsumeSōsekiJapanese novelist.
 EdwinMcClellanBritish teacher.
17  The Price of Salt
 AlfredHitchcockEnglish film director and producer.
 CaesarAugustusFormer Roman emperor.
 ToniMorrisonAmerican novelist, essayist, book editor.
 DaveEggersAmerican writer, editor, and publisher.
 DavidSedarisAmerican humorist, comedian, author.
 NikkiGiovanniAmerican poet.
 Timothy J. RussertAmerican television journalist.
 Geoffrey WolffAmerican novelist, essayist, biographer.
 PatConroyAmerican author.
 JamesMcBrideAmerican writer and musician.
 J. R.MoehringerAmerican novelist.
 ColmTóibínIrish novelist, short story writer, essayist.
 AndrewHolleranAmerican novelist, essayist, and short story writer.
 David K.ReynoldsAn author.
 Yoshimoto IshinJapanese businessman.
18  The Reluctant Fundamentalist
 MohsinHamidBritish-Pakistani novelist.
 Mrs.WilliamsA homeroom teacher.
 CharlesTaylorFormer President of Liberia.
19  The Year of Magical Thinking
 PatrickSwayzeAmerican actor, dancer, singer, and songwriter.
 BarbaraWaltersAmerican journalist, author, and television personality.
 Susan Mary Anne's acquaintance.
 Quintana RooDunneJoan Didion's daughter.
 LeeAtwaterAmerican political consultant.
20  Olive Kitteridge
 Dr. KathleenFoleyNina's friend.
 Nessa CoyleA nurse practitioner.
 DaniyalMueenuddinAmerican-Pakistani author.
 ElizabethStroutAmerican novelist.
 Curt Mary Anne's favorite nurse.
21  Girls Like Us
 George BernardShawIrish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist.
 IdinaSackvilleEnglish aristocrat.
 FrancesOsborneIdina Sackville's biographer.
 SusanPedersenCanadian historian.
 SheilaWellerA journalist.
 CaroleKingAmerican singer-songwriter.
 JoniMitchellCanadian singer-songwriter.
 CarlySimonAmerican singer-songwriter.
 JamesTaylorAmerican singer-songwriter.
22  Suite Française
 IreneNémirovskyA novelist of Ukrainian Jewish.
 Denise Némirovsky's daughter.
 AlbertEinsteinTheoretical physicist.
 Ralph WaldoEmersonAmerican essayist, lecturer, and philosopher.
23  The Bite of the Mango
 LivUllmannOne of Mary Anne's friends.
 CarolynMakinsonOne of Mary Anne's friends.
 Dr. ShamailAzimiThe first woman doctor to return to Afghanistan.
 Mariatu KamaraAn author and survivor of the civil war in Sierra Leon.
 SusanMcClellandAn author.
 LarryKramerMary Anne's great friend.
 David 2 Larry Kramer's partner.
24  The Elegance of the Hedgehog
 MurielBarberyFrench novelist and philosophy teacher.
 MaryOliverAmerican poet.
 NikkiGiovanniAmerican poet.
25  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
 Andy Mary Anne's friend.
 StiegLarssonSwedish journalist and writer.
 SueGraftonAmerican author of detective novels.
 ValMcDermidScottish crime writer.
 SaraParetskyAmerican author of detective fiction.
26  Brooklyn
 ChristopherIsherwoodAn Anglo-American novelist, playwright,a screenwriter.
 W. H.AudenBritish-American poet.
27  My Father's Tears
 ClariceCliffEnglish ceramic artist.
 LucieRieAustrian-born British studio potter.
 HansCoperGerman-born British studio potter.
 Edmundde WaalEnglish artist, master potter and author.
 JulianStairEnglish potter, academic and writer.
 RupertSpiraAn international teacher.
 CarinaCiscatoA Brazilian potter.
 ChrisKeenanThe potter.
 VictorLaValleAmerican author.
 ThomasPynchonAmerican novelist.
 JamesVan Der ZeeAmerican photographer.
 Douglas Mary Anne's husband.
 RichardNixon37th U.S. President.
28  Too Much Happiness
 ReynoldsPriceAmerican poet, novelist, dramatist.
 AliceMunroCanadian short story writer.
 Gabriel A nurse.
 MaryOliverAmerican poet.
 John RuskinEnglish art critic.
EpiBrother Brian One who runs De La Salle Academy in Manhattan.
 John KermueOne of Mary Anne's friends.
 Momoh  One of Mary Anne's friends.
 Dice One of Mary Anne's friends.
 Winnie One of Mary Anne's friends.
 EmmaKirkbyAn English soprano.
 WalterKaiserMary Anne's lifelong friend.
 MarinaVaizeyMary Anne's closest friend.
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