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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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EPJohn ElbertWilkieHarry's friend. Officer in charge of the US Secret Service.
 HarryHoudiniAmerican illusionist. Obsessed with escaping death.
PRAnthony Nola's fiance.
 NolaBrownProtagonist. Sergeant first class. aka: Nola Lapointe.
1JimZigarowskiMedical examiner-mortician. Nola's old acquaintance.
 Dr.WomackDoctor on Dover Air Force Base.
 LouisaFalwellZig's co-mortician. aka: Lou.
 MaggieZigarowskiZig's daughter.
 AmyWaggsHead of the FBI.
 Andrew Amy's law partner.
2DaewonYamaguchiZ0rk's friend. Hacker.
 Z0rk Daewon's friend. Hacker.
3FrancisSterankoZig's closest work friend. Dover's chief homicide investigator.
 Melinda Has a crush on Zig. Legal department.
 Sherry Zig's workmate. Case department.
 Esther Zig's workmate. Veterans affair.
 Assa Senator.
 AgathaHsuDover's wing commander.
4CharmaineClarkeZig's ex-wife.
 VincentWaggsAmy's son.
 NelsonRookstoolHead of the library of Congress.
5BarbaraLapointeNola's mother. aka: Barb.
 WalterLapointeNola's real father.
 RoddyLapointeNola's twin brother.
 Ellie Nola's elephant stuffed toy.
 RoyallBarkerNola's new father.
6Dr.SinclairDover's medical examiner.
7Moke Hawaiian marine. Zig's friend.
11OrsonWallaceUS President.
 LeonardRiestraDirector of the Secret Service.
 SamuelGoodrichZig's supervisor.
12PrivateGrunbeckA man with Nola's PADD.
 Lt. AnthonyTrudeauA soldier who died in a plane crash.
 JulieTrudeauAnthony's mother.
 StuartTrudeauAnthony's father.
13AndyKanalzZig's childhood friend.
 ArchieCroweNola's new designee.
 BrianQuinnOwner of a grocery store.
 MaureenZigarowskiZig's mother.
14RonBrownThe President's best friend.
 RoseMackenbergCover name. Harry's staff.
 EddyJr.Cover name. Harry's staff.
 AmadeoVaccaCover name. Deceased.
17Stevie Driver with a mustache
 WalterHarrisA 51-year-old man who died in a heart attack.
 Raymond Zig's boss.
20KamilleWilliamsNola's friend. The dead body disguised as Nola.
21BartonHudsonNola's boss.
24GeneralPershingNola's boss.
27Teri Royall's car.
29MarkusRomitaThe man who attacked Zig. A special force agent.
 Houdini A code name the man behind Operation Bluebook used.
32LydiaKonnikovaThe troop mom.
33Wil Zig's co-mortician.
34Ms.SableNola's former art teacher.
35Teresa The woman who kills Markus. Houdini's hired gunner. aka: The Curtain.
38SophieMichoneThe student government on Nola's former school.
 MissyFSophie's best friend.
 Harold Sophie's friend.
 Justin Sophie's friend. aka: Lazy Eye.
41JoeJanuzewskiGreat magician in Washington DC. Aka: The Amazing Caesar.
47Castronovo Senator.
48BenjaminPowellOwner of Powell Insurance.
50QuentinWesleyRoyall's new boss.
53RowanJohanssonFBI Secret Paying Agent. Man undercover as Houdini.
55Malvina Receptionist.
57Dooch Mr. Sable's skunk.
66Horatio G.CookeFamous rope escapist. President Lincoln's spy.
67PresidentLincolnFormer president.
 Horatio Code name used by Houdini's partner.
69SheriffCavvaroPolice who responded regarding Maggie's accident.
 JacquiSegalZig's old neighbor.
73Kesel Staff sergeant.
76GalenGibbsChief of staff at the White House.
 TerryO'HaraSecret service agent.
77Kim Amy's sister.
80Ruth Dino's grandmother.
90Denise Dino's sister.
91Angela Nola's nurse.
 RobertSadoffZig's co-worker. Father of Modern Forensic Psychiatry.
 SabrinaSamuelsonNola's co-girl scout.