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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Is - A Mystery Place where Madison Stanton's souls stays.
 GabrielArcherMadison Stanton's Boyfriend. aka: Gabe.
   The Sweathshirt
 MadisonStantonProtagonist and Narrator / The Dead Girl. aka: Maddy.
 SandraSimpsonMadison Stanton's bestfriend.
 KristenStantonMadison Stanton's sister.
 Cozycorium Madison Stanton's cat. aka: Cozy.
 Dana Gabriel Archer's Ex-Girlfriend.
 LadyMacbethA Fictional Character.
 Mrs.SinclairMadison Stanton's teacher.
   The Bracelet
 TinkerBellA Fictional Character.
 GenevieveSimpsonSandra Simpson's mother.
 Mr.SimpsonSandra Simpson's father.
   The Purse
 TammyHaverMadison Stanton's childhood friend.
 JennyWilsonMadison Stanton's childhood friend.
   The Orchids
 BrendaJacksonKristen Stanton's college roommate and maid of honor.
 JohnFrazierKristen Stanton's husband.
   Random Acts of Existence
 MaryKramerPaul's Ex-Girlfriend.
 Paul Madison Stanton's first boyfriend.
 Amber Madison Stanton's friend.
 AllanRedfordSandra Simpson's friend who's having a party.
   Beyond Boundaries of Anyone's life.
 EmilyDickinsonAn American Poet / Madison Stanton's idol.
 Higginson A Journalist.
 Mrs.BeveryMadison Stanton's AP English Teacher.
   Gathering Ghost
 Cindy Madison Stanton's childhood friend.
 Lacey Madison Stanton's childhood friend.
 DougPrestonA boy who likes Amber.
 ScottTurnerA boy that Amber likes to be her Prom Date.
 Diane Madison Stanton's childhood friend.
 Tammy(2) Ghost who appeared when Madison and friends played Ouija.
   The Underwear
 RogerMyersGabriel Archer's friend.
 Ms.WintersMadison Stanton's Chemistry Teacher.
 Edgar AllanPoeAn American Writer.
   Felicity's Shoe
 Felicity Madison Stanton's American Girl Doll.
   Cell Communication
 Mr.ArcherGabriel Archer's father.
   Pain's Greater Plan
 Ms.HendersonMadison Stanton's Math Teacher.
   Witch's Nail
 Grandma BelleSandra Simpson's Grandmother. Aka : Bellerue.
 Mr.PattersonThe Vice Principal in Madison Stanton's school.
   Baby Doll
 Sarah Madison Stanton's baby doll.
 James M.FrazierKristen and John Frazier's new born son.