Characters - Alphabetical
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Mr.BockA painter.
DannyBuckOne of the sailors.
Mrs.CarlisleThe dowager.
Mrs.CrainSir John's housekeeper.
AnnDarterOne of the prisoners.
Dr. CalebDunneThe ship surgeon.
HazelFergusonA young prisoner.
Mrs.FitzpatrickOne of Society for the Reformation of Female Prisoners personnel.
Dr.FowlerFranklins' doctor.
EleanorFranklinSir John's daughter.
Sir JohnFranklinEnglish naval officer and Arctic explorer.
MauraFrindleOne of the prisoners.
ElizabethFryOne of Society for the Reformation of Female Prisoners personel.
Dr. ElizabethGarrettThe first woman to qualify in Britain as a physician and surgeon.
Mr.GrimmSir John's head butler.
Mrs.GrimsbyMary's cook.
Mr.GrunwaldOlive's sailor lover.
Mr.HogsmeadFranklins' houseguest.
Mr.HutchinsonSuperintendent of the Cascades Female Factory.
Mrs.HutchinsonThe matron.
MaeveLoganOne of the prisoner and a midwife.
JohnMontaguColonial Secretary.
OliveRiversEvangeline's friend in prison.
GeorgeRobinsonIn charge of the settlement on Flinders.
GeorgeShawBritish naturalist.
EvangelineStokesMrs. Whitstone's governess. Aka: Leenie.
SarahStoupOne of the convict maids.
Mrs.WarrenOne of Society for the Reformation of Female Prisoners personnel.
Cecil WhitstoneEvangeline's boyfriend.
MaryWhitstoneCecil's stepmother.
RonaldWhitstoneCecil's father.
MissWilliamsonSir John's governess.
Mrs.WilsonSir John's cook.
Agnes Mrs. Whitstone's chambermaid.
Beatrice One of Mary's children.
Charles Cecil's best friend.
Droemerdene One of the Palawa gods.
Eliza One of the convict maids.
Elizabeth One of Ruby's daughters.
Emily The bishop's daughter.
Evangeline One of Ruby's daughters.
Jip Montagu's dog.
Lady Jane Sir John's wife. Aka: Lady Franklin.
Liza Olive's new friend.
Maria George Robinson's wife.
Mathinna Lowreenne tribe chief's daughter. Aka: Mary, Leda.
Mickey One of the sailors.
Moinee One of the Palawa gods.
Ned One of Mary's children.
Palle Mathinna's stepfather.
Ruby Evangeline's daughter.
Sandy Eleanor's dog.
Teanic Mathinna's sister.
Timeo A boy adopted by Lady Franklin.
Towterer Mathinna's father.
Waluka Mathinna's pet.
Wanganip Mathinna's mother.