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Characters By Chapter
Jane Hale
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 AlexJamisonFBI colleague of Amos.
 AmberMitchellOlder sister of Alex.
 ZoeMitchellAmber's daughter. Alex's niece.
  BogartFBI Special Agent. Boss of Amos and Alex.
 CassandraDeckerAmos' wife. Deceased. aka Cassie.
 MollyDeckerAmos' daughter. Deceased.
2Donny Young police officer at Baronville.
3WillCurryPolice officer. Donny's partner.
4FrankMitchellAmber's husband.
 DonnaLassiterDetective. Marty's partner.
5John QuarlesBaron IFounder of Baroville.
7AliceMartinLives in Amber's neighborhood.
 FredRossLives in Amber's neighborhood.
 DanBondLives in Amber's neighborhood. Blind.
8MichaelSwansonBlack guy. Victim. Street dealer.
 BradleyCostaSenior Vice President of Baronville National Bank. Victim.
 CharlieDuncanMedical Examiner at Baronville.
10Melvin Amos' friend.
 Harper Melvin's girlfriend.
11JohnBaron IVDescendant of John Quarles Baron I.
 BenjaminBaronJohn Baron IV's father.
 Dorothy BaronBenjamin's wife. John Baron IV's mother.
12CindiRileyBartender and owner of the Mercury Bar.
15 FreedmanPhysician of Toby Babbot.
17BetsyO'ConnorFormer roommate of Toby Babbot.
19KateKemperDEA Special Agent.
24EmilyHayesBradley Costa's secretary.
 Mr.BeecherPresident of the Baronville National Bank.
27AbigailBaronJohn Quarles Baron I's wife
31RichLassiterDonna's father. Deceased.
33BrianCollinsDrug dealer.
34TedRossManages Maxus Fulfillment Center. Fred Ross' son.
35MarjorieLintonFrank's co-worker.
39ToddMilliganFBI Special Agent.
41BettyBondDan Bond's wife. Deceased.
 JeremyBondDan Bond's grandson.
43NigelNottinghamBritish butler of John Quarles Baron I. Deceased.
45RogerCrandallExecutive Director of Glenmont Senior Living Center.
 SamuelNottinghamNigel's son.
50JaneSatterwhiteDirector of Baronville Historical Society.
52 DawesPolice officer.
53KeithDrewsDied due to drug overdosed.
58LindaDrewsKeith's mother and owner of the Peacock Bakery.
 WillieNorrisLife Insurance Policy Agent.
65Jenny Willie Norris' assistant.
71Bobby Police officer.
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