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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part I
1Libby Louise JonesA protagonist receiving a surprise inheritance.
 Henry RogerLamb A sole beneficiary of his father's wealth.
 Martina Z.Lamb Henry Lamb Sr.'s wife.
2Lucy SmithA mysterious woman husking on the street of France. Aka: Lou.
 Marco Lucy's son.
 Stella Lucy's daughter.
 Samia Stella's grandmother. Aka: Meme.
 Mazie Samia's sick daughter.
3  CHELSEA, LATE 1980s
 Henry Henry Roger Lamb's son.
 Harry Henry Roger Lamb's father.
 Birdie Dunlop-EversA member of a pop group.
4Mr.RoyleA solicitor.
 Serenity LoveLambThe name given to Libby by parents.
7Dido The head designer.
 April Libby's best friend.
9  CHELSEA, 1988
 JustinReddingBirdie's partner.
 Suki Birdie's cat.
11MichaelRimmerMarco's father.
 Fitzgerald Marco's dog. Aka: Fitz.
 F. ScottFitzgeraldAmerican novelist.
 Joy A maid.
 Rachel Michael's wife.
12Danny April's acquaintance.
 AlihShahFormer Zimbabwean international cricketer.
 JohnRobbinsAn American author.
 ShirleyTempleAmerican actress, singer, dancer.
 FelicityMeasuresA special police officer.
13Monsieur VincentOne who repaired Lucy's fiddle.
 Giuseppe Lucy's friend.
14  CHELSEA, 1988
 Dr.BroughtonHenry Roger's physician.
 David ThomsenBirdie's friend.
 Clemency Sally's daughter.
 Phineas Sally's son. aka: Phin
 SallyRadlettDavid's wife.
15Spangles Dido's horse.
 BenedictCumberbatchAn English actor.
 PriscillaPresleyAn American businesswoman and actress.
 MillerRoeAn investigative journalist.
17  CHELSEA, 1988
 LukeRhinehartAmerican novelist, screenwriter, and nonfiction writer.
18AgathaChristieAn English writer.
26  CHELSEA, 1990
 Montgomery CliftAmerican actor.
 JamesDeanAmerican actor.
28Ahmed Stella's father.
 Marie Valerie CaronLucy Smith's passport new name.
32  CHELSEA, 1990
 Macbeth A brave Scottish general.
 Socrates Greek philosopher from Athens.
   Part II
36Mindy One of Phin's cats.
 Dick One of Phin's cats.
37  CHELSEA, 1991
 Toni Sally's friend.
 Jason A safari guide.
41Claire Libby's friend.
44CerianTahanyA local DJ and minor celebrity.
46Bridget Dunlop-EversBirdie's full name.
 RogerMiltonBirdie's ex-boyfriend.
47Elijah David and Martina's dead son.
   Part III
49Matilda Miller's ex-wife. Aka: Mati.
 Lola Sally's granddaughter.
53  CHELSEA, 1992
 Karl Young Henry's uncle.
56  CHELSEA, 1993
 Lucy Amanda LambThe real name of Lucy Smith. Serenity Love Lamb's mother.
64  CHELSEA, 1994
 Josh Henry's acquaintance.
65Stuart One of Dr Broughton's acquaintance.
 Josette One of Dr Broughton's acquaintance.
   Part IV
67Freya Stella's friend.
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