Book Companion Logo  THE FAULT IN OUR STARS
Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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1   Dr. Jim       Hazel's regular doctor.
    Patrick       Support group leader.
    Hazel Grace   Lancaster   Protagonist. Thyroid metastatic cancer in her lungs.
    Isaac       Kid with a glass eye.
    Augustus   Waters   17 year-old boy who had Osteosarcoma cancer. aka: Gus.
    Michael       12 year-old boy who has leukemia.
    Lida       16 year-old girl in remission from Appendiceal cancer.
    Alisa       On of the memorial people.
    Monica       Isaac's girlfriend.
2   Dr. Maria       Hazel's cancer doctor.
    Julie       Gus's half-sister.
    Martha       Gus's half-sister.
3   Philip       Hazel's oxygen concentrator.
    Bluie       Hazel's blue stuffed bear.
    Kaitlyn       Hazel's friend.
    Matt       Hazel's friend.
    Derek   Wellington   Kaitlyn's boyfriend.
    Jackie       Nosy kid.
4   Mark   Waters   Gus's dad.
5   Lidewij   Vliejenthart   Peter Van Houten's assistant.
    Peter   Van Houten   Hazel's favorite author. Wrote "An Imperial Affliction".
    Caroline   Mathers   Gus's ex-girlfriend.
    Graham       Isaac's brother.
7   Alison       Hazel's nurse.
8   Dr.   Simons   Another cancer doctor.
    Daniel   Alvarez   New owner of Hazel's old swing set.
9   Ken       Had NEC after radiation.
            NEC - No Evidence of Cancer.
    Lucas       Had relapsed.
14   Mr.   Martinez   Gus's middle school science teacher.
    Emily   Waters   Gus's mom.
19   Chris       Gus's brother-in-law.
    Dave       Gus's brother-in-law.
    Bas       Lidewij's boyfriend.