Characters - Alphabetical
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MarjorieAlbrechtA therapist.
Ms.AndromedaA feminist psychic.
HalleyBeattyA valley tech crew. Cory's workmate.
PresidentBeckerlingThe current President.
HarryBellA trumpet player. Faith's former lover.
MissBergerGreer and Cory's former teacher.
LoganBerryThe head teach at Valley tek.
LaurelBlanken-KadetskyGreer's mother.
AmeliaBloomerA magazine model.
EliseBotswickThe quiet girl in class.
MarcellaBoxmanOne of the researchers.
GemmaBraithwaiteA TV crime show female character.
HelenBrandOne of the researchers.
HelenBrandFaith's former worker.
ShellyBrayHeidi's former R.A.
HokeyBriggsA comedian. Annie's boyfriend.
SukiBrockThe woman who kissed Faith.
RachelCardozoThe girl Zee picked for the woman who made a difference.
KayChungEmilia's babysitter.
MarisaClaypoolOne of Greer's classmates.
TaylorClaytonOne of Zee's students.
BessieColemanThe first woman who held a pilot's license.
BeverlyCoxA shoe factory owner.
WilliamCronishOne of Logan's customers.
TrinaDelgadoThe organizer on behalf of Charities in South America.
BonnieDempsterThe old-guard second wavers.
ArielDiskiA sophomore student.
AlexEisenstatZee's brother.
HarryEisenstatZee's brother.
RichardEisenstatZee's father.
WendyEisenstatZee's mother.
ZeeEisenstatA freshman student. The girl that Greer befriended.
FaithFrankA feminist icon and activist.
MartinFrankFaith's father.
MartinFrankFaith and Philip's father.
PhilipFrankFaith's twin brother.
SylviaFrankFaith's mother.
SylviaFrankFaith and Philip's mother.
LincolnFrank-LandauFaith's son.
NickFuchsOne of Greer and Cory's classmates.
ArtemsiaGentileschiAn Italian Baroque.
KimGordonA sonic youth member. A musician.
DeanHarkavyThe School's dean.
HardHarryBeaverama's advice columnist.
LisaHenryOne of Benedita's employers.
JeremyIngersollA salon owner.
LupeIzurietaGreer's colleague.
DonalJ. SobolAn author.
RobKadetskyGreer's father.
WillKellyA democratic strategist.
IffatKhanFaith's assistant.
HeidiKlausenOne of Zee's colleagues.
GerryLandauFaith's ex-husband. Lincoln's father.
MilesLegettAlby's friend.
BenedictLoringThe T.V. Host.
DonaldMalickGreer's English Colloquium's professor.
LindaMarianiJudge Wendy's clerk.
DeenaMayhewFaith's new assistant.
AnneMcCauleyA state senator.
LucyMcCauley-GevinsSenator McCauley's daughter.
MitchMichaelsonA T.V. Host.
OliveMitchellA high school intern at Bloomer.
BrandonMonahanGreer's classmate.
ElaineNewmanBenedita's employer.
GeorgiaO'KeefeA painter.
Ms.Pac-manOne of Greer's teachers.
EvelynPangbornThe old-guard second wavers.
DougPaulsonThe Shrader Capital COO.
ShirleyPepperFaith's colleague.
ConniePeshelEmmet's secretary.
SharaPickOne of Zee's students.
AlbyPintoCory's brother. Aka: Genius Two.
BeneditaPintoCory's mother.
CoryPintoGreer's childhood friend and boyfriend. Duarte Jr.
DuartePintoCory's father.
BenProchnauerOne of the researchers.
Dr L.RagniA dentist.
HoltRayburnA novelist.
JessicaRobbinsGreer's classmate.
KimRussoThe COO's assistant.
CarlSaganAn American astronomer.
DarrenScott-TinzlerOne of Greer's classmates.
ChloeShanahanGreer's classmate.
BeckySharpA novelist.
Abby ShraderEmmett and Madeline's daughter.
EmmettShraderThe venture capitalist.
MadelineShraderEmmett's wife.
AnnieSilvestriFaith's former friend and roommate.
AlejandraSosaA dynamic leader involved with human rights issues.
MelanieStappA behavioral therapist.
JohnSteersGreer's off-camera roommate.
GloriaSteinemAn American Journalist.
KristinVelisA member of the Lowly Koalas. One of Greer's classmates.
MonicaVendlerA Shrader Capital worker.
CloveWilbersonCory's secret Santa. A field hockey player.
NoelleWilliamsA guidance counselor. Zee's lover.
PeterWongA valley tech crew. Cory's workmate.
KelvinYangGreer's dorm mate. A Korean-American drummer.
Alana The girl who de-virginized Zee.
Anthony One of Zee's students.
Bennett One of the Students.
Claudette John's wife.
Claudia Zee's roommate.
Dog Kelvin's roommate.
Dog Zee's friend.
Emilia Cory and Greer's daughter.
Jean The nurse.
Jen Logan's girlfriend.
Joe Cory's uncle.
John Rob and Laurel's farmer friend.
Lionel Cory's friend and classmate.
Loffler One of Cory's roommates.
Lourdes Zee's leader.
Maria Cory's aunt.
McBride Cory's roommate.
Morris Faith's driver.
Opus A singer.
Sab Cory's cousin.
Steve Zee's leader.
Sue Faith's masseuse.
Tad Ben's colleague.
Taryn The recycling girl.
Will Cory's friend and classmate.