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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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   Part 1 - The Wash
2PhoebeSieglerNarrator / Protagonist.
 CharlesHeistThe Feral Detective.
 JaneTothA social worker who sent Phoebe Seigler to Charles Heist.
 ArabellaSwadosThe missing daughter of Phoebe Siegler's friend.
3Jean Charles Heist's Opposum.
 LeonardCohenA Canadian singer that Arabella Swados is obsessed with.
4RoslynSwadosPhoebe Siegler's friend / Arabella Swados's mother.
7Stephanie Phoebe Siegler's facebook friend.
9Laird The Giant.
 Kate A woman who was building a Levee.
10Sage Martin's pair / Someone Arabella met at the desert. aka: Spark.
12BruceWillisA famous actor.
 Melinda A runaway girl.
 Lorax A woman who speak for the runaways.
 Jessie Charles Heist's dog.
 Miller Charles Heist's dog.
 Vacuum Charles Heist's dog.
   Part 2 - The Mountain.
13Nolan The Buddhist. aka: Roshi.
 Zen PoobahA man who found the place called "Zendo".
19NancyDrewA Ficitional Character.
 JoanDidionA Female Reporter in the outer limit.
   Part 3 - The Dessert.
21Lorrie A Rabbit Friend of Charles Heist / Melinda's twig-sister.
 Anita The Big Chief Rabbit / A Beekeeper.
24  BLM - Bureau Land Management.
 HowardBurkhardtThe Original King of Bears.
 ArthurHeistAn elder man in Redland who raise Foster Children.
 MaryHeistArthur Heist's wife.
27ReneeLambertPhoebe Siegler's old acquaintance.
31Mr. ConradShockleyDonna's friend / A Biker.
33Mr. SolitaryLoveCharles Heist's opponent / The Bear Leader.
   Part 4 - Night and Morning.
38ChuckSchumerGym buddy of Jeff Sessions.
 JeffSessionsGym buddy of Chuck Schumer.
 BarrackObamaThe U.S President.
   Part 7 - Desert Hot Springs.
70PaulApolloA Bear who took care of Charles Heist.
76WildEdgeStephanie's friend. aka: Kurt.