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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1HarrisonTuckerThe President of the United States. Aka: Harry.
 TammyDoyleHarrison's girl friend.
 CongressmanVickersThe state campaign director.
 Grace FullerTuckerThe First Lady.
 JacksonThielThe lead agent of the President's personal protective detail.
 Canal The President's Secret Service code name.
2NikkiBluOne of Grace Tucker's staff members.
 Patty One of Grace Tucker's staff members.
3ParkerHoytThe President's chief of staff.
6DonnaAllenThe First Lady's chief of staff.
 Pamela SmithsonThe First Lady's Secret Service agent head.
 Canary The First Lady's Secret Service code name.
7Jeremy The President's press secretary.
8ScottThompsonAssistant Special Agent in charge. Aka: Scotty
 SallyGrissomSpecial Agent in charge of the Presidential Protective Division.
9AmeliaMillerSally's daughter.
 Ben Sally's husband.
 Laura YoungThe President's secretary.
10CarlaLuizOne of the agents.
11AlbertGreerBen's lawyer.
 Mr.LockneyMr. Hoyt's acquaintance.
12MarshaGrayA former marine sniper.
 Carl Son of a prominent politician.
16John JosephPershingHead of American Expeditionary Force. Aka: Black Jack.
 PanchoVillaA Mexican general.
17Tanya GlennOne of the agents.
 BrianZahnOne of the agents.
19GilFosterSally's colleague.
 Arapahoe A horse.
21Jamal A cab driver's cousin.
 AmandaPriceTammy's boss.
23LucianCrockettA CEO of the nation's largest corporation.
24RandyAndersonAn ex-Secret Service agent.
 ToddPenceSally's neighbor.
 Phoebe Todd's older sister.
25MiriamTannerA former majority leader.
29Stacy One of Amelia's friends.
 Amy One of Amelia's friends.
34RalphMorenAn admin aide.
40AnnGlynnParker's secretary.
44GusBannonA detective.
45Sandy One of the forensic technician.
46Caleb A taxi cab driver.
47TaylorSmithHarrison's acquaintance.
49Esther Sally's mother-in-law.
 Ron Esther's husband.
 Gwen One of Sally's sisters.
 Kate One of Sally's sisters.
51Stephenson An ex-marine.
 Gregory One of the homeless.
56ConnieWestbrookA farm owner.
63RupertMunsonThe executive vice president of Internal Operations.
64Mr.FullerGrace's father.
65PaulMoodyA pilot.
67Maureen Grace's mother.
85Jeb Amanda's acquaintance.
89RoyBogartOne of the deputy sheriffs.
 NancyCookOne of the deputy sheriffs.
 Rhonda BuellThe floor manager.