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Characters By Chapter
Kristian Fabricante
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    Part One
1SophiaDaviesAlice and Tom's daughter.
 OliviaDaviesNathan and Alice's daughter. Aka: Livvy.
 Ms.WattsOlivia's teacher.
 Phoebe Olivia's classmate.
 Kendall Olivia's classmate.
 NathanDaviesOlivia and Sophie's father. Alice's husband.
 Millie Beth's daughter.
2Lottie A junior designer. Alice's employee.
 Matt Alice's workmate.
 ThomasEvansSophia's father. Alice's first husband.
3DavidPhillipsAlice's ex-lover.
 Carole The school secretary.
4Tracy Alice's ring leader.
 MaxineElliotAlice's former classmate.
7Hannah Sophia's friend.
 Sylvia The woman at Cheated Wife's internet page.
 Paul Sylvia's cheating husband.
8Rachel The woman on the letter.
 Megan Sophia's friend.
9Monica Beth and Alice's spiritual guru.
 Eileen The visiting staff.
12GinaFellowesAlice's acquaintance.
 MichelleTrumanThe wife of Alice's 2nd cousin's son.
 JackStokesAlice's acquaintance.
 LindsayBrindleyOne of the mothers in Sophia's class.
 Leo Jules's husband. Tom's friend.
 Jules Leo's wife.
 DanielEvansTom's brother.
 MarkEdwardsThe man at the car company.
    Part Two
14Maria Beth's friend.
 Mrs.PullmanBeth's teacher.
 Bertie Beth's student.
 Jacob Beth's student.
 Tyson Beth's dog.
15Jimmy Maria's husband.
 Joel Beth's live-in partner.
16DiegoRodriguezTom's client.
17Antonio The head chef.
19FatherMichaelThe priest.
21Elise The receptionist.
 FrankEvansTom's father.
 Sheila Tom's aunt.
 JoyceEvansTom's mother.
 Maude Joyce's neighbor.
22SeamusHarrisonTom's biggest client.
28Ben ForresterJoyce's real son.
    Part Three
 Mr.YahamotoNathan's Japanese client.
33Mr.AnthonyThe man that Alice met at the bar.
35Linda Alice's mother.
38Josh Nathan's old friend.
 Liz Alice's solicitor.
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