Characters - Alphabetical
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PrinceAlbertThe Prince of United Kingdom.
LizzieAlbrookMary Jane's neighbor.
GeorgeBagster-PhillipsThe divisional surgeon of police.
ThomasBarnardoA social reformer.
JoeBarnettMary Jane Kelly's partner.
DennisBarrettA boy who knows Mary Jane.
MaryBeemerBoeku's co-tenant.
Mrs.BeetonThe author of household management.
John FrederikBergendahlAn apartment owner.
EmonaBlowerOne of the Nichols's neighbors.
EliesbethBoekuJohannes's partner.
LouisBoekuElisabeth's husband.
ElizabethBondOne of Elisabeth's employers.
CharlesBoothA social reformer.
WilliamBoothThe founder of the Salvation Army.
Theodre HenryBrickmanOne of the landowners of Clewer.
Mr.BridgesThe magistrate.
CharlotteBronteAn author.
EleanorBrownAnnie's co-housemaid.
JamesBryceAn educational reformer.
JamesByfieldA police desk officer.
LenaCarlssonElisabeth's co-housemaid.
DavidCarnegieA businessman.
Robert Carter-GarrettHarriet's husband.
John GlencairnCarter-HamiltonThe 1st baron Hamilton of Dalzell.
EmilyChallisBoeku's co-tenant.
Annie GeorginaChapmanAnnie's daughter.
Ellen GeorginaChapmanAnnie and John's dead baby.
Emily RuthChapmanAnnie's daughter.
JohnChapmanAnnie's husband.
John AlfredChapmanAnnie and John's son.
RuthChapmanAnnie's mother.
WilliamClowesOwner of a printing house company. William Nichols's employer.
AnnieConwayKate's daughter.
George AlfredConwayKate's 2nd son.
ElizaCooperA witness.
HenrikCornellA Swedish commentator.
SamuelCowdrySarah's husband.
SarahCowdryPolly's employer.
Mary AnnCoxMary Jane's neighbor.
GeorgeCrawshawPolly's lover.
WilliamCrossinghamAnnie and Jack's landlord.
TomCullenAn author.
JosefCzapekThe director of a military band.
WalterDewA Chief Inspector.
CharlesDickensHenry's co-founder.
James JamesonDicksonA philanthropist.
LouisDiemschutzA costume jewelry seller. The man who discovered Elisabeth's body.
TimothyDonovanA deputy keeper.
Thomas StuartDrewA blacksmith. Polly's new lover.
JaneDuthieWalter's wife.
WalterDuthieA Scottish railway porter.
AlfredEddowesKate's brother.
ElizaEddowesKate's sister.
ElizabethEddowesKate's sibling.
ElizabethEddowesWilliam Eddowes's wife.
EmmaEddowesKate's sister.
GeorgeEddowesKate's father. Catherine's husband.
HarrietEddowesKate's sister.
JohnEddowesGeorge's brother.
KateEddowesGeorge and Catherine's youngest daughter. Aka: Kate, Chick.
MaryEddowesKate's daughter.
RosannahEddowesTom's wife.
Sarah AnnEddowesKate's daughter.
ThomasEddowesGeorge's father. Kate's grandfather.
TomEddowesKate's uncle. Aka: The Snob.
WilliamEddowesGeorge's brother.
CarolineElsburyThe girl who charred for the Chapman family.
JohnEvansThe night manager at Crossinham's.
CatherineEvans-EddowesGeorge's wife.
EdwardFairfieldA senior civil servant.
ElizabethFelixElisabeth's sister. Aka: Mrs. Phoenix.
Mrs.FielderThe matron at Renfrew Road Workhouse.
JosiahFisherThe man who raised Charles.
ThomasFisherThe Eddowes's neighbor.
JosephFlemingMary Jane's client.
MaryFordLewer's housekeeper.
Edmund BensonFosterOne of the landowners of Clewer.
ElizabethFosterMary Jane's friend.
AnneFreemanOne of the Nichols's neighbors.
CharlesFrostEliza's 2nd husband.
JohnFussell-PalmerThe first infant who died of scarlet fecer.
HenryGaytonA picture packer.
JamesGoldEliza's husband.
HowardGoldsmidA social commentator.
HowardGoldsmidA writer.
DanielGoochOne of the landowners of Clewer.
JoeGossA bare knuckle boxer.
Anna ChristinaGustafGustaf and Beata's 1st child.
BeataGustafEric's wife. Elisabeth's mother.
ElisabethGustafGustaf and Beata's 2nd child. Ala: Allman Kvinna 97, Annie Fitzgerald.
EriccsonGustafA farmer. Elisabeth's father.
LarsGustafElisabeth's younger child.
SvanteGustafElisabeth's younger child.
George WilliamHarry-ChapmanAnnie and John's son.
ArthurHatchWilliam Hatch's brother.
WilliamHenry-LewerAnnie's employer. An architect.
Roger WilliamHenry-PalmerThe hero of Crimean War.
MaryHiggsAn undercover agent. A minister's wife.
Fountaine Hogge-AllenGeorge's commander.
EllenHollandPolly's new friend.
Charles HenryHowellAn architect.
WilliamJamesJohn's eldest brother.
MaryJefferiesA Brothel Owner.
JohnKellyKate's 2nd husband.
Mary JaneKellyOne of Jack The Ripper's victims. Aka: Marie Jeannette.
MichaelKidneyA witness at the inquest in Elisabeth's death.
AdaKingBoeku's co-tenant.
IsambardKingdom-BrunelA great creator of railways. Lewer's neighbor.
Daniel-JosephKirwanA social explorer.
CatherineLaneOne of Elisabeth's friends.
EmilyLatita-SmithAnnie's sister.
ThomasLawrence-ConwayKate's son.
CharlesLeftwichA lead merchant.
EdwardLewerWilliam Lewer's brother.
MosesLipskiA notorius murderer.
MargaretLlewelyn-DaviesA maternal rights campaigner.
JackLondonThe American author.
JaneLouiseSarah's daughter.
SaraLouiseSarah's daughter.
WilliamLouiseSarah's son.
CharlesLouise-GoufrieA German musician.
MaryMalcolmA tailoress. Elisabeth's new friend.
Frans OscarMalmAn Army trumpet player.
MissMancherPolly's co-servant at Cowdry's.
HenryMayhewA journalist and social reformer. Cofounder of Punch Magazine.
JohnMcCarthyAnnie and Jack's landlord.
Mary RoseMcCarthyA boarding house owner.
AndrewMearnaA social crusader.
FrederickMerrickThe chaplain of Millbank Prison.
ElizaMerrittOne of the Nichols's neighbors.
J.SMorganA banker.
AdrianusMorgensternJohannes's brother.
JohannesMorgensternElisabeth's partner.
WilliamMorrisA writer. A textile designer and socialist.
ThomasNaylor-LeylandA captain.
Alice EstherNicholsPolly and William's 4th child.
ArthurNicholsWilliam and Rosetta's 1st child.
Edward JohnNicholsPolly and William's 2nd child.
Eliza SarahNicholsPolly's 6th child.
George PercyNicholsPolly and William's 3rd child.
Henry AlfredNicholsPolly's 5th child.
WilliamNicholsPolly's husband.
JohannaOlssonLars's wife.
Lars FrederickOlssonElisabeth's employer.
AmeliaPalmerAnnie's new friend.
GeorgePeabodyAn American Financier.
C.SPeelA writer.
EdwardPerryGeorge's employer.
WilliamPerryA bare knuckle boxer.
LouisPhillipsAnnie's husband.
JohnPizerJack The Ripper. The alleged serial killer.
AmeliaPowellA prostitute.
ThomasQuinn-ConwayA chapbook seller. Kate's husband.
CornealusRingThe Nichols's neighbor.
Charles ChristopherRobinsonKate's distant cousin.
Louis FrederickRobinsonA police constable.
EdouardRogerAdelene's pimp.
SeebohmRowntreeA social reformer.
GeorginaRuthAnnie's daughter.
MiriamRuthAnnie's daughter.
WilliamRytonThe owner of Old Hall Works.
CrankySalA woman who has a disfigured face.
Mary AnnScarisbrickLeyland's fiance.
IsraelSchwartzA witness.
HarrietSeagerJosiah's son's sister-in-law.
JohnSharpePolly's neighbor who lost hist wife and children.
JackSieveyAnnie's lover.
GeorgeSimmonsA police constable.
Annie ElizaSmithGeorge and Ruth's daughter.
EliSmithAnnie's brother.
GeorgeSmithPart of the Army. Annie's father.
MiriamSmithAnnie's sibling.
ThomasSmithGeorge's eldest brother.
WilliamSmithAnnie's sibling.
EdwardStanleyOne of Annie's lovers.
W.TSteadThe editor of Pall Mall Gazette.
William StevensAnnie's fellow lodger.
DanielStrideJohn and Eleanor's son.
EdwardStrideJohn's brother.
EleanorStrideWilliam's wife.
GeorgeStrideJohn's brother.
John ThomasStrideJohn and Eleanor's son. Elisabeth's wife.
WilliamStrideA rich man. Owner of Stride's row.
YvonneSvanstromA historian.
AdeleneTannerA virgin who became a prostitute.
ThomasTavernerThe relieving officer in Polly's case.
HarryThe HawkerEliza's partner.
EdwardThomasA social reformer.
George WilliamThomasAnnie's brother.
FrancisTress-BarryThe head coachman. John's boss.
LouisaTwinningThe poor law reformer.
QueenVictoriaThe Queen of United Kingdom.
SarahVidlerOne of the many widows who successfully secured a place for her family.
RosettaVidler-WallsSarah's eldest child. William Nichols's mistress.
CarolineWalkerPolly's mother.
FrederickWalkerEdward and Caroline's 3rd child.
Mary AnnWalkerCaroline's 2nd child. Aka: Polly.
EdwardWalker Jr.Edward and Caroline's 1st child.
EdwardWalker Sr.Polly's father.
William EdwardWalker-NicholsWilliam and Polly's 1st son. Deceased.
ThomasWallsRosetta's husband.
BenjaminWaltonA factory owner.
ThomasWardleWilliam Morris's colleague.
ElizabethWattsElisabeth's sister.
John HunterWattsWilliam Morris's colleague.
MaryWebbCaroline's sister.
Carl WenzelWeisnerA musician. Maria's husband.
Maria IngridWeisnerThe wife of a German musician.
SallyWestellThe woman who nursed John before his death.
GeorgeWhiteJohn Chapman's colleague.
Frederick-WilliamWilkinsonThe deputy lodging housekeeper.
EmilyWilliamsElizabeth's daughter.
NesWilsonTom's boxing opponent.
Abberline The police inspector on Polly's death.
Bullock A police inspector.
Davis Mary Jane's husband.
Henry Mary Jane's client. Aka: John, Johnto.
Maria Countess Waldegrave.
Walter A sexual adventurer.