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Characters By Chapter
J. D. Hale
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1   Walter   Dabney   President and owner of Walter Dabney & Associates.
    Anne M.   Berkshire   Substitute teacher & volunteer at hospice. aka: Ahha Seryyzamok.
    Amos   Decker   Protagonist. Works for FBI Task Force.
2   Alexandra   Jamison   Former Journalist/reporter. Works for FBI. aka: Alex.
    Ross   Bogart   FBI Special Agent. Head of Special Task Force.
    Lynne   Wainwright   FBI Medical Examiner.
    Todd   Milligan   FBI Special Agent.
    Lisa   Davenport   Psychologist.
3   Eleanor   Dabney   Walter's wife. aka: Ellie.
    Jules   Dabney   Oldest daughter of Walter and Ellie. Lives in Florida.
    Natalie   Bonfils   Youngest daughter of Walter and Ellie. Lives in Paris.
4   Sally   Palmer   Director of Dominion Hospice.
    Dorothy   Vitters   Patient at Dominion Hospice. In her late 80's.
    Joey   Scott   Patient at Dominion Hospice. 10-years old.
    Albert   Drews   Patient at Dominion Hospice. In his late 40's.
7   Faye   Ghompson   A partner at Walter Dabney and Associates.
8   Melvin   Mars   Former death-row prisoner who was falsely accused.
10   Tomas   Amaya   Neighbor of Amos and Alex.
    Danny   Amaya   Thomas's son.
11   Billy       Works at coffee shop near FBI Headquarters.
12   Samantha   Dabney   A daughter of Walter and Ellie.
13   Amanda   Riley   A daughter of Walter and Ellie.
14   Virginia   Cole   Principal. In her late 50's.
    Harper   Brown   Agent from the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).
23   Molly   Decker   Daughter of Amos. Deceased.
24   Corbett   Bonfils   Natalie's husband.
29   Roger   Baker   Gang enforcer.
    Mateo   Rodriquez   Accountant.
    Luis   Alvarez   One of the construction supervisors.
33   Cassie   Decker   Amos's wife. Deceased.
34   Nancy   Billings   Teaches at the same school as Anne.
35   Rex   Brown   Harper's father.
        Carter   Colonel from the DIA.
    Karl   Listner   One of the whistleblowers.
    Denise   Turner   One of the whistleblowers.
36   Ana Belen   Monte   High-ranking analyst at DIA. Also a Cuban spy.
42   Cecilia   Randall   Housekeeper of Walter and Ellie for more than 35 years.
53   Alvin   Jenkins   Evening Manager at Dominion Hospice.
63   Alfred   Gorski   Immigrant from Poland.
    Julia   Gorski   Alfred's wife.
64   Nathan   Deel   Special Agent of the U.S. Secret Service.
    Gail   Charles   National Security Advisor.
        Howard   Admiral. Secretary of Defense.
70   Rhonda   Kaine   Cissy's daughter.