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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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   Part One October 1941
1AudreyColtraneA fly girl. Aka: Bird.
 RubyCarmichaelOne of the fly girls.
 Catherine One of the fly girls.
 Jean One of the fly girls.
 JamesHartCommanding officer of airmen recruits.
 Jimmy DorseyAmerican jazz clarinetist.
 Eddie Ruby's acquaintance.
 Claire Jean's friend.
 Genevieve ColtraneAudrey's mother.
 George One of Genevieve's acquaintances.
 Millie One of Genevieve's acquaintances.
 Evie Audrey's younger sister.
2Bill The old crew chief.
 Roxy Little plane.
 Jenny Audrey's old plane.
 Parker Ruby's airman recruit.
 Mae BurtonIn-charge of the recruits.
3Erma The landlord.
 Ken Erma's husband.
 Wes A security guard.
 Al HudsonAudrey's old instructor.
 ChristianColtraneAudrey's father.
 Corporal HarperOne of the instructors.
 NancyLoveA pioneer for women in aviation.
 Joe Jean's fiancé.
4Don Ruby's boyfriend.
 AvaHartJames Hart's younger sister.
 Cal James' acquaintance.
 F. ScottFitzgeraldAmerican fiction writer.
5Marty The bartender.
 Annie Erma and Ken's daughter.
 Marcus A man Catherine had been dating.
 Francis A musician.
7Hurst A trainee.
8Constance Erma's sister.
   Part Two August 1943
10JacquelineCochranOne of the head of the aviatrixes.
 Tom BarrowsAudrey's old schoolmate.
 Mrs. MarkisonGeneral store owner.
 Henry Mrs. Markison's little dog.
 Jerry Mrs. Markison's husband.
11Carol Ann BixbyAudrey's roommate.
12Henry ArnoldA general. Aka: Hap.
 Sharon One of Audrey's roommates.
 Maxine One of Audrey's roommates.
 Geraldine One of Audrey's roommates.
 Tanya One of Audrey's roommates.
 Helen KellerAmerican author, political activist, and lecturer.
 NolaJennerOne of Audrey's roommates.
 Augustus Carol Ann's fiancé. Aka: Gus.
13CarterWilsonA navigation instructor.
 Hildie One of the trainees.
 CountBasieAmerican jazz pianist.
 Cary GrantEnglish-born American actor.
14J. R. WoodleyA retired marine.
 Ms.PooleIn-charge of the swimming lessons.
 Carlson A cadet.
 Agatha Hidie's friend.
15Martha In-charge of the drills.
16Kipper Tanya's brother.
 BingCrosbyAmerican singer.
17Ms.MayburnOne of the instructors.
 PeggyWaltersOne of the trainees.
19Mary One of the trainees.
20Edna Officer Wilson's great-aunt.
 Frederick Officer Wilson's uncle.
 Winston One of Officer Wilson's siblings.
 Adelaide One of Officer Wilson's siblings.
23Beatrice One of Audrey's new roommates. Aka: Bea.
 Captain Beatrice's cat.
 Anna One of Audrey's new roommates.
 Bradley Beatrice's acquaintance.
 AdolfHitlerGerman politician and leader of the Nazi Party.
25Stu A bombardier.
26Nan Carol Ann's aunt.
 Kurt Nan's husband.
   Part Three October 1944
28Mac Audrey's acquaintance.
29Carl Claire's fiance.
 Harry S.Truman33rd U.S. President.
 Quinton Evie's friend.
30Miller A pilot.
 JohnRooneyJames' friend. Aka: Johnny.
 MarionBrodeurRooney's fiancé.
31Peter Audrey's acquaintance.
 PrivateWallisOne of the soldiers.
  WillardOne of the soldiers.
 Stephen Peter's companion.
 Chuck One of the soldiers.
 Herman One of the soldiers.
 Carpenter One of the soldiers,
EpiCaroline HartAudrey and James' daughter.
 Fifinella The mascot of the WASP.
 Dr. HansonAudrey's physician.
 James Jr. One of Audrey's son.
 Michael One of Audrey's son.
 Paul Evie's husband.
 Casey Ava Hart's husband.
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