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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
 StevieSmithAn English Poet and Novelist.
 SamuelBeckettAn Irish Novelist.
 TedBundyA Handsome Serial Killer.
 The NarratorThe Unnamed Narrator of the Story / A Teacher.
 WifeThreeThe 3rd Wife of the Narrator's Bestfriend.
 GeorgesSimenonMan who wrote novels under his name. A Belgian Writer.
 JosephineBakerA French Entertainer.
 WifeOneThe 1st Wife of Narrator's Bestfriend.
 WifeTwoThe 2nd Wife of Narrator's Bestfriend.
 Gustave FlaubertA French Novelist.
 VirginiaWoolfA Writer.
 LaurenceOlivierAn Actor that could not make tears on demand.
 EdithPiafA French Vocalist.
 Apollo Great Dane of the Narrator's Bestfriend.
 You Narrator's Bestfriend and Mentor who died.
 GeorgesSteinerA Famous Writer.
 DavidLurieNarrator and Narrator's Bestfriend's Favorite Writer.
   Part 2
 Hector Narrator's Mexican Neighbor.
 Buffon A French Naturalist.
 T.SEliotAn Essayist.
 SamuelButlerAn Author.
   Part 3
 Henry deMontherlantA French Essayist.
 JoanDidionAn American Journalist.
 JanetMalcolmAn American Writer.
 RebeccaWestA British Author.
 W.GSebaldA German Writer.
 ToniMorrisonAn American Novelist.
 CristhaWolfA German Literry Critic.
 HenryJamesAn American-British Author.
 PhilipRothAn American Novelist.
 Sainte-Beuve A French Critic.
 Larette A Writer with Mutism.
 Arletty A French Artist in 1945.
   Part 4
 J.RAckerleyBritish Author and Literary Editor of BBC's The Listener.
 Queenie J.R. Ackerley's Dog.
 MissCanveyTulip's Veterinarian.
 Romulus The Founder of Rome.
 Remus Romulus's Twin.
 Beau The Dog of Narrator's Ex-Boyfriend.
   Part 5
 LouisZamperiniAn U.S. Army Airman.
 WilliamCongreveThe Playwright.
   Part 6
 Carter Narrator's Student.
 Jane Narrator's Student.
 Viv Narrator's Student.
 KurtVonnegutAn American Writer.
 O.P Narrator's Co-Teacher.
   Part 7
 AbrahamLincolnThe 16th U.S President.
 JeanMaraisAn Actor in Beauty and the Beast.
   Part 8
 Rainer MariaRilkeA Bohemian-Austrian Poet.
 FlanneryO'ConnorAn American Novelist.
 Hazel E.HesterA Woman who shoots herself to death. aka: Betty.
 JamesPattersonThe Best Selling Author in the World.
 JudyGarlandAn American Singer.
   Part 9
 GeorgeBaileyA Fictional Character.
 JoyWilliamsAn American Singer.
 LudwigWittgensteinA Philosopher and Logician.
 FreemanDysonA Physicist who attended Wittgenstein's lectures.
 GretlWittgensteinLudwig Wittgenstein's sister.
 TonyCurtisA Film Actor.
 HeinrichVon KleistA German Writer.
 HenrietteVogelHeinrich Von Kleist's Dream Lover.
   Part 10
 GavinEwartA Poet.
 Bella An Italian Mastiff.
 KarlKrausA Writer.
 MilanKunderaA Writer of a Dog Story.
 Tomas The Protagonist in Milan Kundera's Story.
 Tereza Tomas's Wife.
 Karenin Tomas and Tereza's Dog.
 AgentStarlingA Fictional Character from Silence of the Lambs.
 LaurieAndersonA Performer.
 Yo-YoMaA Performer.
 MichaelHerrThe Dead Author.
   Part 11
 SvetlanaAlexievichA Journalist who won the Nobel Prize.
 MartinAmisA British Novelist
 EdnaO'BrienAn Irish Novelist.
 ElizabethBishopAn American Poet.
 DorisLessingA British Novelist.
 ChristopherIsherwoodA Novelist.
   Part 12
 SergeKoussevitzkyConductor who complained about the birds singing out of tune.