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Characters By Chapter
Christina Hale
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   Part 1
 HannahRosenthalProtagonist. Aka: The German Girl, The Polack.
 LeoMartinHannah's only friend.
 GretaGarboAn actress. Aka: La Divine.
 Armand Hannah's father.
 Mr.MartinA prisoner. Leo's father.
 AlmaStraussHannah's mother.
 Mrs.FalkenhorstA cafĂ© owner.
 Mrs.HofmeisterHannah's neighbor.
 AnnaRosenHannah's great-aunt.
 Mr.MichaelMr. Rosenthal's friend.
 Mr.BraunA dead old man. Hannah's neighbor.
 Mrs.DbuieckiLeo's landlady.
 Mr.SchemuelThe butcher shop owner.
   The Ogre - The group of people that Leo and Hannah hate.
 JesseOwensThe great American Olympian.
 Mr.LevinAnna's companion.
 IdaRosenAnna's mother.
 Tramp Mr. Levin's dog.
 Eva Hannah's family housekeeper.
 MaxRosenthalHannah's father. A professor.
 Mr.FourneauThe Rosenthal's family friend. A hotel owner.
 LouisFourneauMr. Fourneau's son.
 MadameGresAlma's former gown designer.
 LouisRosenAnna's father. Hannah's nephew.
 George One of Anna's teachers.
 JohnAllanLouis's barber.
 Don Gretel's dog.
 Blondi A famous dog.
 Avisse The antique designer.
 Mrs.BerensonOne of the war survivors.
 Gustav SchroderSt. Louis's captain. Aka: Gustav.
   Part 2
 Walter The boy that Hannah befriended.
 Kurt Walter's brother.
 Edmund One of the boys at St Louis.
 JohannaSimonsThe Matriarch of the Simons. Alma's friend.
 InesSimonsJohanna's daughter.
 Mr.AdlerAlma and Hannah's co-passenger.
 Mrs.AdlerMr. Adler's wife.
 Mr.MoserHannah's co-passenger who committed suicide.
 Mrs.MoserMr. Moser's wife.
 Manuel-Benitez The director-general of immigration.
 FranzLeharA Hungarian composer.
   Part 3
 Diego The boy that Anna met. Hannah's neighbor.
 Catalina Hannah's long-time care person.
 Mrs.SamuelsThe woman who accompanied Alma and Hannah in Cuba.
 SenorDannonThe Rosenthal's lawyer.
 Eulogio Alma's driver.
 Hortensia Alma's housekeeper in Cuba.
 Gustav RosenHannah's brother. Aka: Louis's father.
 AmeliaLa MilagrosaDeceased.
 Moses Alma's baby basket.
 Esperanza Hortensia's sister.
 Mr.AlbertMax's friend.
 Rafael Esperanza's son.
 VieraRosenGustavo's wife.
 Abraham Viera's uncle. Aka: Fabius.
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