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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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Pro   Simon   Parks   Teacher. Helena's husband.
    Bethany       Helena's daughter.
1   Kate   Rodant   Helena's agent.
    Helena   Ross Parks   Writer.
    Marka   Vantly   International best selling author.
    Tricia   Pridgen   Hottest editor in publishing.
    Jackie       An editor of Helena's book.
3   Charlotte   Blanton   Investigative journalist.
5   Rod       Kate's husband.
7   Jennifer       Helena's friend.
13   Ron   Pilar   Marka Vantley's representative.
15   Mark   Fortune   Ghostwriter.
17   Maggie       Mark Fortune's daughter.
18   Ellen       Mark Fortune's wife.
23   Debbie       Cook.
29   Jacklyn       Simon's name for their baby girl.
    Bella       Another suggested baby name from Simon.
    Mater       Mark's cow.
31   Mida's       Mark's dog.
    Royce       Mark's caretaker.
33   Dough       Name given to a firefly.
    Lighty       Name given to another firefly.
37   Akita       Giant bear-hunting dog.
48   JayJay       Bethany's lover.
50   Janice   Ross   Helena's mother.
53   Jess       Name on Simon's videotape.
    Beth   S.   Another name on Simon's videotape.
68   Antonio   Sacco   Estate attorney in New York.