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Characters By Chapter
Remy Hale
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1   Lee   Kinney   Gardener at Horniman Museum.
2   Erika   Foster   Extraordinary police officer. aka: DCI Foster.
    Tom   Marsh   Police Chief Superintendent.
        Woolf   Desk sergeant.
    Mark   Foster   Erika's husband. An excellent police officer.
3   Diana D.   Brown   Andrea's mother. aka: Lady.
    Giles   Osborne   Andrea's fiancĂ©e.
4   Kate   Moss   Police detective.
    Sgt.   Crane   The skipper.
    Detective   Peterson   Erika's new colleague.
5   David       Andrea's younger brother.
    Isaac   Strong   Forensic pathologist.
    Grace   Kinney   Lee Kinney's mother.
    Angela       The stupid prostitute.
6       Oakley   The Assistant Commissioner.
7   Carl   Michaels   Andrea's friend.
8       Singh   A small Indian woman.
9   Ivy   Norris   Long time drug addict. aka: Jean McArdle/Beth Crosby.
10   Matthew   Paulson   Ivy's grandson. aka: Michael.
11   Kristina       Barmaid at the Glue.
13   Harby   Davidson   Andrea's friend.
    Barbora   Kardosova   Andrea's close friend.
    Colleen   Scanlan   Police media liaison.
15   Michelle       Giles's secretary.
18   Barry   Paton   Youth club caretaker.
    Marcie       Marsh's wife.
19   Sofie       Marcie's daughter.
    Mia       Sofie's twin sister.
22   Pearl   Gad   Owned lorry transportation.
23   Marco   Frost   The barrister.
29   Edward       Erika's father-in-law.
30   Matthew   Stephen   Owner of credit card found in Ivy's dead body.
34   Stephen   Linley   Isaac's ex-partner.
35   Tatiana   Ivanova   Lone swimmer at Hamstead Heath.
    Mirka   Bratova   Victim of rape and murder.
    Karolina   Todorova   18 year-old girl from Bulgaria.
39   Mike       Leader of coordinating search team.
42   Clara       Giles's cat.
46   Igor   Kuserov   Andrea's lover. aka: George Mitchell.
50   Celia       Moss's wife.
    Jacob       Celia's son.
59   Rebecca   Kuserov   Igor's wife.
60   Nadia   Greco   Girl found dead in the sports bag.
62   John   Stephens   Igor's solicitor.
65   Philip   Saunders   Giles's solicitor.
67   Mr.   Lloyd   Linda's solicitor.
72   Boots       Linda's beautiful black cat with 4 white paws.
73   Barnaby   Clive   Peterson's dog.